App Of The Day: Reelgood – Find What To Watch At Home And The Theater

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Reelgood - Keep Track of Movies You Want to SeeFreeThere are a lot of movies out there whether you watch at the theater, streaming at home, or coming soon. Reelgood is an app that is all about movies, helping you find what to watch, and where’d when to watch it. The core of the app is the ability to keep track of a watchlist as well as a seen list to always stay on top of your personal movie preferences. The watchlist is where the app shines, as it doesn’t just keep a list, but instead shows how you can watch each of the movies on your list.
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Reelgood shows local showtimes for movies currently in theaters, and streaming options for movies on the respective platforms. The streaming sort is great to see what movies are on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime, iTunes, VUDU, Youtube, Xfinity, and FXNow. You can sort by the services you’re currently subscribed to. One of the best parts is that you can set up notifications to be alerted when a coming soon movie hits theaters, and then when a movie comes to streaming. To round out the package, there’s friend connectivity to get suggestions based on what your friends like. If you’re deciding on what to watch with a friend, the app can show what movies overlap in your respective watchlists.

Reelgood (Free, iPhone) lives up to its name to be a real good choice if you ever watch movies at home, or in the theater.

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