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Cardiogram - what's your heart telling you?FreeThe Apple Watch automatically tracks your heart rate in the background without you having to do anything at all. Cardiogram is a new iPhone app that integrates the Apple Watch heart rate data to give you visual feedback. The stock health app simply gives you a list of all the readings of the Apple Watch, but Cardiogram turns that data into a chart. You can visualize your entire day as a line, range, or point graph with each data point tied to the time of day, and your number of steps. The graph allows you to see when your heart rate was elevated, or relaxed.
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Cardiogram also has a special mode tied to workouts allowing you start a workout on your Apple Watch, and see your heart rate during that time. On the flip side, you can also track your resting heart rate, and compare it over days, weeks, and to other average people. The app also offers prompts for heart rate spikes during the day allowing you to set a category for what was going on during that time. If you have an Apple Watch, you’re already gathering valuable information on your heart. Cardiogram simply presents it in a friendly form. Cardiogram doesn’t include an Apple Watch app, and also doesn’t allow you to zoom in on the charts for a closer inspection of time, and heart rate.

Cardiogram (Free, iPhone) is a valuable utility app to visualize the changes in your heart rate.

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