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Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who participated in the Glance conference event as a reporter and panelist, noted that Apple analyst Horace Dediu calculated an ASP of $400 for Apple Watch over its first 12 months of availability. The numbers are strongly aimed at Apple Watch Sport models, which start around $349.99 or $399.99, depending on the type or size.

Looking over to Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, the analyst noted that current trends indicate Apple will move “well over” 100 million Apple Watch units by 2017, a major number considering Dediu’s estimates of 21 million by-mid 2016. Fortune’s Elmer-DeWitt noted that Apple currently holds an 80% share of the smartwatch market, which is an estimated sign of rapid growth.

The analyst Dediu pointed out that the Apple Watch is not in competition with traditional watches, but “naked wrists.” It was reported by the analyst that some 30% of owners didn’t wear anything on their wrists prior to Apple’s smartwatch.

The report also notes that 82% of early adopters said they gifted the Watch to a friend. The statistics are notably higher than recent polls from sources like Reuters/Ipsos who found 62% of current owners plan to give the Watch as a gift.

Lastly, looking over to the holiday season, Apple authorized re-sellers are offering different types of discounts on many Watch models. Furthermore, Best Buy is cutting $100 off retail pricing, while B&H Photo lowered the price by $50 and is offering a $50 store gift card with each purchase.

Source info: Fortune

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