An update on Hurricane Jose and the next threat behind it

Enlarge / A Goes-16 satellite image on Saturday morning shows three storms of interest in the Atlantic. (credit: NOAA/Ars Technica)

Despite the comings and goings of two major hurricanes that affected the United States during the last month—Harvey and Irma—we remain in the midst of a very active Atlantic hurricane season that may not be done with us yet. Not only must the US East Coast keep an eye on Hurricane Jose as it finally begins moving forward, but another threat lurks behind it.

This post will review the three active Atlantic storms, and their potential effects on the Caribbean islands and the United States during the coming days and weeks.

Hurricane Jose

Jose has meandered around the Atlantic Ocean for more than 10 days, but it is now finding the steering currents that will carry it toward dissipation or a transition to an extra-tropical cyclone. Here is the latest forecast track from the National Hurricane Center, published at 11am ET on Saturday.

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