Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Apple releases a new product that forgoes a standard piece of legacy technology. We read all about how said product is going to fail and how we can’t possibly live without whatever it is that got left off. Millions of people buy one anyway, unaware or unaffected by the change, and the rest of the industry comes around to Apple’s way of thinking.

So when I read the rumor that Apple is exploring an iPhone that ditched the 3.5-inch headphone jack, I barely batted an eye. Even if it turns out to not be true with regards to the iPhone 7, it’s a move that is inevitable at some point in the iPhone’s evolution. The universal port has been a function of every audio device since the earliest days of the Sony Walkman, and it has to irk Jony Ive to still be forced to include one decades after the Walkman popularized it.

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