I’ve been using the iPad Pro for the last three weeks, and all in all, I like it. Possibly enough to buy to replace my iPad Air 2, even.

But just because I’ve enjoyed the past three weeks doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of any number of potential improvements I’d like to see to the iPad Pro experience, whether it’s from accessory companies, third-party app developers, or Apple itself.

More case and keyboard options

Every time a new Apple product with a new shape or size arrives on the scene, there’s an understandable lag before the non-Apple accessories begin to show up. (In fact, the lag is such a big deal for accessory makers that many of the leaks surrounding forthcoming Apple products come from accessory makers, who have used their leverage and possibly their cash to get an advance look at the next generation of Apple stuff, so their products can reach the market faster than the competition. And Apple benefits itself by being the first company to offer accessories custom designed for its products, on day one.)

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