monkey escape

An infected monkey escaping its cage sounds like the beginning of a very bad horror movie, but that low-effort plot point became reality at the University of Pittsburgh. Now, the professor that reported the incident is suing the university for firing her and claiming that her dismissal was retaliation for the whistleblowing of safety issues with the university's laboratory procedures.

The professor, Kelly Cole, claims in her suit that she reported an incident in which Dr. Amy Hartman allegedly allowed a monkey infected with a "select agent" (any biological agent that could pose a threat to society if it were to get out) to escape its cage for several hours before finally being caught and returned to confinement. Later, Cole asked the university's Biological Safety Officer, Dr. Molly Stitt-Fischer, what became of the report and learned that it had been dismissed because it was merely an "accident." That's when things started to get weird.

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