can't feel pain

If you've ever stubbed your toe on a coffee table in the dead of night you know just how awesome it would be to switch off your sense of pain, if only for a moment. Unlike you and I, the Marsili family in Italy doesn't fear stubbed toes, burns, or even broken bones. In fact, they don't really sense pain at all, or at least not in the same way the rest of the world does, and scientists who have puzzled over the abnormality for years finally think they know why.

The family — more specifically, a grandmother, her two daughters, and a trio of grandchildren — has had to deal with the strange condition for decades, and while it might sound like a blessing to the rest of us, it's actually more of a curse. Family members have endured some pretty serious injuries, including broken bones, without even realizing that it happened. After a new round of testing, researchers have pinpointed the cause, and it goes all the way to their genes.

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