AMD’s FreeSync 2 brings smooth HDR gaming to PC

FreeSync, AMD's variable refresh rate tech for gaming monitors, now comes in a slicker, and potentially more compelling version. FreeSync 2, which will coexist alongside FreeSync, combines variable refresh rates with the many HDR displays that are expected to make a splash at CES 2017. Not only that, but it promises to fix some of the more pressing problems with its predecessor, including patchy low frame rate compensation (LFC) support and required low latency levels.

At a base level, Freesync—like Nvidia's rival G-Sync technology—synchronises the refresh rate of the monitor with the frames per second output of the game currently being played. This eliminates the input lag associated with using v-sync—which typically locks games to 60FPS, regardless of how quickly the PC is pushing out frames—or playing with v-sync off, which can cause unsightly screen tearing as the game pushes out more frames than the monitor can handle.

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