Amazon Echo Sale

Father's Day 2017 is this Sunday, which means all of the Father's Day sales around the web are wrapping up. We've seen some killer deals over the past week, and thousands upon thousands of our readers have saved money as a result. Now that things are winding down though, it's time to make sure you have every opportunity to save on some of the most popular sale items from this past week.

At the end of the day tomorrow, June 17, Amazon's big sales on Sonos speakers, Alexa smart speakers, and every single Kindle model will end. That means you have a day and a half left to score deep discounts. Where Sonos is concerned, you can save $50 on a two-room Sonos Play:1 system, or you can save $100 on the Sonos SUB. As for Amazon's Alexa speakers and Kindle models, you'll find links to every single one of them below.

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