Amazon may have just teased the first retail Halo FPS on PC in 11 years

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Enlarge / New box on the left; original box on the right. Though the new box includes a UK-specific "PEGI" rating designation, this new box appears in a brand-new "SKU" on Amazon's American site, as well, and the game's original SKU has had its "platform" removed, suggesting that it may be a discontinued version. (credit: Amazon)

After over 11 years, a retail Halo FPS game may finally be on its way to Windows.

A weekend update to Amazon's listing for Halo 5: Guardians included an enticing, and clearly intentional, change to its box art: a new "Xbox One console exclusive" label. The phrase appears not once, not twice, but thrice via cleanly rendered angles of a physical box, and it replaces the original 2015 box's "only on Xbox One" descriptor.

Microsoft's "Xbox Play Anywhere" initiative formally launched in late 2016 with the third-person platformer ReCore. The program has since included every first-party Microsoft game on Xbox, allowing those games to work either on any Xbox One system or any Windows 10 PC. (By arriving one year earlier, Halo 5 missed the Play Anywhere cut.) Recent games in the program, including this year's State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves, feature the same "console exclusive" tag on their Xbox One boxes and also run on Windows 10.

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