Amazon Drops Prices on 4K Content After Apple Offers 4K for HD Prices

With the release of the Apple TV 4K, Apple has started offering 4K content in its iTunes Store at HD prices, meaning the cost of a 4K movie maxes out at $19.99. Apple has also upgraded previously-purchased HD content to 4K at no additional cost to consumers.

In response, Amazon has started lowering the prices on 4K titles on its Amazon Video service. As Pocket-lint noticed, While prices could previously reach upwards of $30, 4K titles now range in price from $5 to $19.99. Amazon's 4K library isn't as large as Apple's, but with 4K streaming becoming more prevalent, it should continue to grow.

Amazon's video content will be available to watch on the Apple TV when Amazon releases its Amazon Prime Video app later this year. There's currently no word on when the app might be released, but a rumor earlier today suggested it could launch this Thursday alongside NFL's Thursday Night Football games.

Amazon is also rumored to be planning to release its own upgraded Fire TV set-top box with support for 4K and HDR in the near future.

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