Amazon Alexa App Coming To Apple’s App Store

The latest reports state that Amazon’s Alexa’s voice control app could be coming to Apple’s App Store soon, preferably it seems for Apple’s iPhone and iPad for now. 

If you’re into Alexa, and own an iPhone and/or iPad, you may soon be able to integrate the two by using the Alexa app from Apple’s App Store. It seems Android already offers Alexa to Android users, and soon Apple will too, it seems Apple just has a longer process of finalizing the approval for bringing Alexa aboard the App Store.

The report states that the iOS version will probably only support wake words in-app, only Siri is allowed to operate as a system- wide assistant, however, Amazon has confirmed that the Alexa app in its current form does not support wake word functionality.  Some of the functions that the Alexa iOS version can do is set-up and configuring an Echo, make calls to other users, play music, and drop in on other compatible speakers.


Source: Appleinsider

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