All the crazy iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s rumors you missed this past weekend

iPhone 8 Specs

During an appearance at the D10 conference in 2012, Tim Cook famously promised to double down on product secrecy. Frustrated by an onslaught of iPhone and iPad leaks at the time, Cook vowed that Apple would implement a series of measures designed to keep upcoming Apple hardware out of the news cycle. That notwithstanding, the reality is that Apple has to rely on manufacturing partners in order to bring its products to market, and in turn, there's only so much Apple can do to keep iPhone rumors from leaking out.

This year, the product leaks involving Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup have been particularly illuminating, if not downright endless. Though Apple won't officially unveil the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s until next month, not a week goes by that we aren't bestowed with even more information regarding Apple's next-gen devices. That said, this past weekend proved to be an especially busy few days for the Apple rumor mill, with a number of fascinating product details and photos leaking out. If you didn't have a chance to hop online over the weekend, listed below is a comprehensive rundown of all the new iPhone rumors you may have missed.

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