Ajit Pai should be fired, petition says before Senate re-confirmation vote

Enlarge / Free Press petition to block FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's re-confirmation. (credit: Free Press)

Net neutrality advocacy group Free Press is gathering signatures on a petition to "fire" Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who needs a re-confirmation vote from the Senate in order to continue serving on the FCC.

The Senate's Republican majority will almost certainly ensure that Pai gets a new term. But Free Press's petition likely won't go unheeded by Democratic senators, who plan to criticize Pai's positions on net neutrality and broadband consumer privacy rules before the Senate vote.

The Free Press petition, available here, says that "The Senate needs to stand up for what's right and fire FCC Chairman Ajit Pai." Free Press, which says it collected 10,000 signatures on the petition in 24 hours, wrote:

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