Some folks have been having trouble with battery drain problems in the AirPods. Reddit has the answer!

Apple's new AirPods have a lot going for them — they're ultra-portable, sound great, and offer easy access to Siri — but reported battery issues have plagued the company's new earphones in recent days. As first reported by MacRumors, users on Reddit have been reporting large drops in battery life for the AirPods — as much as 30% overnight. The problem appears to be that the AirPods aren't powering down when placed in the case; instead, they remain connected to the user's iPhone or other device, continuing to drain battery from both the device and AirPods.

Now, one Redditor appears to have found a potential fix for these issues. The fix — which is as simple as resetting the AirPods (see below for instructions!) — is working for some, but not all. If you're having battery problems with your AirPods, we certainly recommend attempting the fixes below, even though it's not a perfect solution.

How to reset your AirPods

For many, you can fix battery issues with AirPods by resetting them. Here's how:

  1. Press and hold the setup button for at least 15 seconds until the status light starts flashing amber a few times and then flashes white.

  2. Reconnect your AirPods to all your devices. (If you set up the double tap to pause function, you'll have to set that up again).

If you're still having problems, you may want to try fully draining both your case and AirPods before recharging: Redditor depressedsports tried this method and went from 4% hourly battery drops (without use) to only 1% total in a day (without use). If, after both a reset and full drain/recharge, your battery issues aren't disappearing, we suggest contacting Apple Support.

Your experiences?

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