Some Apple AirPod owners are reporting their AirPod charging cases are draining their battery as much as 40 percent within hours.

The AirPod charging case comes with its own battery for charging the AirPods, this is a nice and handy concept, it just seems some of the charging cases are faulty. Some users are reporting that even though the AirPods are fully charged 100% inside the charging case, users are noticing the charging case is draining the AirPods with very minimal Bluetooth activity going on.

Some owners believe the drainage issue isn’t really a problem, that the charging cases are draining due to a charging cycle that will eventually improve over time, while others just believe the problem has to do with faulty charging cases. Regardless of the theory, it seems this issue has already gotten Apple’s attention, and the company has started replacing the faulty charging cases with new cases. So far there has been no reports of battery drainage problems with the new replaced charging cases.

Source info: Digitaltrends

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