Ahead of iPhone X release, Apple gets hit with a lawsuit over the ‘Animoji’ name

iPhone X Features

Ahead of the upcoming iPhone X release, Apple has been hit with a lawsuit regarding one of the device's more intriguing new features. According to a report from The Recorder, Enrique Bonansea is suing Apple for infringing upon his Animoji trademark. Animoji, if you recall, is the name Apple gave to the iPhone X's animated emoji feature wherein the device's TrueDepth camera system tracks a user's facial expressions and applies them to an emoji in real-time.

The suit was filed earlier this week by Enrique Bonansea who claims to have registered the Animoji trademark with the USPTO in 2015. What's more, Bonansea has had a messaging app in the App Store with the Animoji branding going all the way back to 2014. According to the suit, Apple's decision to go ahead and use the Animoji name in spite of all this is a "textbook case of willful, deliberate trademark infringement."

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