After promising a 180 in manufacturing, Tesla looks poised to deliver

Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. (credit:

Tesla Motors sent out a press release late Sunday saying that it had delivered 24,500 vehicles in the company’s third quarter. According to Tesla, that number doesn’t account for 5,500 vehicles which had already come off factory lines but were still in transit to customers.

In Q2, CEO Elon Musk told investors and the press that Tesla would deliver 50,000 vehicles by the end of the year. That goal was a lofty one considering the company had only delivered 14,402 vehicles that quarter. Musk noted that his priority at the time was perfecting Tesla’s factories, or “the machine that makes the machine,” as the company’s executives have taken to calling it.

Tesla’s press release notes that Q3’s deliveries represent a 70-percent increase over last quarter’s deliveries. In total, 15,800 of the deliveries were Model S vehicles, and 8,700 were Model X vehicles.

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