After 7 months, is Scott Kelly wondering what he’s gotten into?

Scott Kelly discusses his one-year mission at a NASA news conference. (credit: NASA)

After seven months in space, Michael Lopez-Alegria missed the little things about his home on Earth, which spun lazily just 250 miles below the International Space Station. Drinking a beer. Taking a shower. Laying down to go to sleep. Even so, up until the end of his then-record-setting spaceflight in 2007, Lopez-Alegria suffered the minor annoyances of living in space as the “price of admission” to the best room in the universe.

Today, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is probably going through some of these same emotions as he matches Lopez-Alegria’s 215-day spaceflight, en route to spending nearly a full year on the space station. During his unprecedented mission for a US astronaut, Kelly has garnered much attention. Earlier in October, President Obama called him for Astronomy Night at the White House, saying, “You’re setting a record that’s nothing to sneeze at.”

When the president asked how he was feeling, Kelly replied, “Yes sir, I’m feeling great. I feel like I’ve been here a long time. Obviously it feels like I’ve got a long time ahead. But it shouldn’t be a problem getting to the end with enough energy and enthusiasm to complete the job.”

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