Adobe gets collaborative, introduces new photorealistic 3D design tool

Enlarge / Adobe's Project Felix makes it easier to mix real and rendered content. (credit: Adobe)

Adobe's annual MAX conference kicked off in San Diego today, with the company showcasing new apps, new features for old apps, and more powerful cloud services.

Project Felix is a new kind of graphical design application designed for creating things like composited product shots that are built from a mix of 3D assets, such as models of a new product, and 2D assets, such as backgrounds and scenery. It produces photorealistic renders combining these various elements using the V-Ray engine. Felix will figure out where the horizon and surfaces are in a 2D background image, ensuring that the 3D objects are placed properly in the scene. It will also identify lighting within the background so that illumination of the rendered parts is consistent with the 2D parts.

Felix is designed to be approachable even by non-3D artists, with a range of models, lights, and materials available from Adobe Stock, Adobe's cloud marketplace for graphical assets. A beta will be released later this year for Creative Cloud subscribers.

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