Add In Funky Filters & Effects To Your Snaps Or Stories With The New Clips App

If you ever wanted to add in cool filters to your Snapchat or Instagram Stories, but didn’t know the best app for that, then you might be interested in the new Clips app; since it allows you to add a ton of different funky effects and add-ons to put in your photos or videos.

Clips has everything that you could possible imagine to really bring your Snaps or Stories to life. You can add in really wacky filters, captions, emojis, full screen posters, and stickers of Star Wars characters, like Princess Leia, Chewbecca and C-3PO. You can even add a pan and zoom effect to your clips with music from their library/from your own device as well, and then share it on your social media, right within the app.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Put in emojis, animated speech bubbles, shapes or posters to your photos or videos
  • Easily mute audio or add in different music tracks
  • Make selfie videos with 3D 360-degree backgrounds/landscapes from famous movies like Star wars
  • Drag and pinch the screen while recording to pan and zoom in
  • Create and adjust animated titles and captions
  • Add in effects like warmth, impact, drama, paint, comic book filters and more, to your clips
  • Create videos in real-time and upload them to any social media platform

If you’re interested in downloading or learning more information about the Clips app, then you can be sure to check it out over at App Store, where it’s currently going free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 11.1 or higher.

Source: App Store

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