Activator 1.9.8 Beta 1 Jailbreak Tweak Released For iOS Devices

pangu iOS 9

Developer Ryan Petrich has released a new update to Activator on his beta repo. The latest update that brings Activator to version 1.9.8 beta 1, adds new features and improvements to the jailbreak tweak. Folks will be able to utilize a better scrolling mechanism in the tweak and more.

For those looking to update to the newest version of Activator, you will need to make sure you have Petrich’s beta repo installed inside of Cydia. The method of adding the source is demonstrated below:

  • Step 1: Head to Cydia
  • Step 2: Go to Sources>Edit>Add, and type in the following:
  • Step 3: Tap Add Source.

Once you have his beta repo added, refresh Cydia or perform a search for Activator and you should see the newest version, which should be entitled 1.9.8 beta 1. Moreover, you can read the latest changes made to Activator below.

Here’s what’s new in Activator 1.9.8 beta 1:

  • Make mail/message/phone actions show assigned contact photo
  • Have multi-touch events cancel touch events by default on iOS 9
  • Add clear switcher action on iOS 9
  • Add force touch screen left and screen right events
  • Improve scrolling performance in settings pane.

For those wondering, the clear App Switcher does exactly what its name implies, it clears the App Switcher, but doesn’t actually kill any apps that are displayed in the App Switcher.

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