When I think of Christmas, the first thing I think of is Bill Murray. OK, not really, but he pulled off Groundhog Day, why not Christmas?

Murray’s Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas, is now available for streaming via Netflix. The show centers on Bill Murray – playing himself, NATCH! – as the star of a holiday special to be aired live from New York City on Christmas Eve. There’s just one problem, a blizzard has shut down the city. Or as Murray puts it:


In the best showbiz tradition of “The Show Must Go On!” Murray attempts to entertain us anyway. Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Chris Rock and George Clooney make appearances, and even Miley Cyrus shows up. And Christmas miracles of miracles, she keeps her clothes on, and keeps her tongue in her mouth!

If you’re a fan of Bill Murray, or a fan of pseudo-improvised uncomfortable type of humor, or if you just want to see George Clooney sing backup on “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin,'” then be sure to check it out.


If not, you can always wait for the 10 millionth broadcast of “It’s a Wonderful Life.

A Very Murray Christmas is available now, on Netflix.