A high profile SpaceX investor tells a datacenter crowd why he believes in Musk

Nathan Mattise (on a Moto G 2014)

AUSTIN, Texas—The September 13 keynote at this year’s Data Center Austin conference seemed like a bit of an oddity: an angel investor, appearing at an IT/data center industry event, reportedly talking about aerospace funding.

Luke Nosek likely doesn’t have any issue with things that appear unusual to outsiders, though. This summer, he made news with what seemed like an odd career decision. Formerly a founding exec at PayPal, Nosek would also become a former founding exec at Founders Fund, the organization he created (along with Silicon Valley figures such as Peter Thiel) to fund “disruptive” endeavors like SpaceX and Facebook within the last decade. Nosek’s new project? According to Axios and The Los Angeles Times, the investor would instead be creating an entirely new firm, Gigafund, whose initial focus would be fundraising for SpaceX and SpaceX alone.

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