A Disgruntled Apple Customer In France

upset apple customer

Not all Apple customers are satisfied happy customers , one very agitated customer decided to take matters into his own hands inside an Apple Store in Dijon, France.

It’s quite apparent the man who walked into an Apple store inside of a mall in Dijon, France, had a beef with the company regarding an Apple product. It seems another customer inside the Apple store began filming the incident of the unhappy customer smashing Apple products on display one after another.

The yet to be unidentified man calmly walked through the store, and one by one started smashing Apple’s iPhones and what looks like an iPad on display, with a hand size metal object. Once he realized he was being filmed, he began speaking in the French language explaining to the person recording the incident, how his rights had been violated as an European Apple customer, and how Apple refused to reimburse him. A mall security guard was called, and the man was exited from the Apple store, and later apprehended by police.


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