8 ways the Apple Pencil 2 is better than the original

Provided you ignored the awful charging process, the Apple Pencil was a marvel of design—a stylus that looked, felt, and wrote much like an actual pen or pencil. That’s not to say it didn’t need some improvements (as we outlined in a wishlist earlier this month), but adding them seem to run the risk of overcomplicating the simple elegance that made the Pencil such a joy to draw and write with.

But with the Apple Pencil 2, Apple shows that it can significantly improve one of its trademark minimalist products without sacrificing much of its design’s power. Almost every new feature counts as an improvement over the previous model (although with some caveats). The only real drawbacks are the $30 price boost and the inability to use the Apple Pencil 2 with any device save the two new iPad Pros.

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