Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” curriculum is an App Development with Swift curriculum that is designed to help everyone learn how to build mobile apps.

Apple’s learn to code program seems to be a big hit in Europe, 70 colleges and universities are adopting the “Everyone Can Code” program. Several countries have adopted Apple’s code program into their educational institutions which are UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, and more. So far at least 16 different counties have adopted using Apple’s coding program.

Apple’s Swift program is a powerful and intuitive programming language which allows developers the freedom and capabilities to go to the next level of cutting edge software. The one year program will offer App Development with Swift to prepare the students for future careers in app development by equipping them with the skills they will need. Some of the popular apps such as Airbnb, KAYAK, Yelp, and Venmo were all created by using Swift.

CEO Tim Cook believes that Coding is an essential skill today for the current workforce and by using Apple’s Coding program, the company is providing people all around the world with the power to learn, write, and teach coding.


Source: 9to5mac, apple

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