4 very normal quotes from Mark Zuckerberg’s very normal visit to Philadelphia

Mark Zuckerberg, very normal person

"Zuckerberg Visits Philly, Orders Cheesesteak Like a Local," the Associated Press wrote this morning -- because, just like every other local, Mark Zuckerberg takes news crews with him on every culinary outing.

"Employees of The Original Pat's King of Steaks say the tech billionaire even knows how to order the sandwich like a local, saying "Whiz wit" to let cooks know that he wanted his steaks topped with Cheez Whiz and onions," the article continues. I am left with no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg knew this phrase organically. There is no evidence that the instructions were included in the briefing packet "How to eat like a regular guy," read on the private jet that Zuckerberg took to get to Philadelphia -- just like every other local!

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