4 essential search tricks to finding the perfect holiday gifts on Etsy

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You sit down in front of your computer to do a little holiday gift shopping, only to realize your mind is completely blank. You have no idea what to get for your dad. Your niece would like…some kind of toy, right? OK, it’s time to admit you need a little—or a lot—of help.

Online shopping is like falling down a rabbit hole. You can waste hours and hours without buying a single thing. Nowhere is that more true than Etsy, which is known for its wealth of handmade treasures—but, like a physical marketplace, it’s a better experience if you wander in without knowing exactly what you want.

Etsy realized how difficult it was to find the millions of items its sellers are hawking, so a few months ago it completely overhauled the way you search the site. I recently spoke with Jaime DeLanghe, Etsy’s senior product manager for search and discovery, to find out how to use the new search tools to find holiday gifts.

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