From the minute you buy most gadgets, you can expect their market value to go down as time and technology quickly make them obsolete. That hasn't been the case with Oculus' second Rift development kit (DK2). Instead, the opposite has happened; on auction sites like eBay, new and used DK2 units routinely resell for hundreds of dollars more than their original $350 asking price. Unopened DK2 units have sold for as much as $1,200 there in recent days.

Gathering up the data for the most recent successfully completed DK2 eBay auctions (we looked at about 80 new units and 50 used ones, just to keep the data collection manageable) shows just how much of a premium the hardware demands well over a year after it was first made available. The median eBay purchaser has to spend $786 for a new, unused Rift these days or a $565 median for a used unit.

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