12 essential apps for your brand-new iPhone

Did Santa bring you a new iPhone? Man, that jolly old elf is solid. Faced with literally more than a million apps and games on the App Store to choose from, however, how can you possibly pick the best things to add to your luscious new slab of technology? Why—coincidentally—by continuing to read this very page!

The apps below are some of the very best that exist for the iPhone and iPod touch, whether that’s because they do something better than the built-in apps, really help show of your device’s abilities, or are just flat-out awesome.

Sky Guide

This venerable app is still one that can elicit coos of admiration. Sky Guide ($2.99) is a reasonably simple idea—using your iPhone’s sensors to allow you to hold it up to the night sky to identify the stars, planets, constellations and more using augmented reality—but the effect is remarkable: You feel like a genie! Once you’ve identified a heavenly body, tap it to learn more, or search for things you want to find, such as the International Space Station; in this case you’ll see where it is, its projected orbit, and when it will appear in the sky.

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