10 ways the iPhone XR is worse than the iPhone XS [Video]

In our hands-on iPhone XR top features post, we discussed twenty of the best features found on Apple’s budget-minded iPhone. The iPhone XR, as it turns out, is a great phone that I think anyone looking to upgrade from pre-iPhone X devices should consider. It features the same A12 processor as the latest iPhone XS, the same enhanced wide angle camera, and comes with high-end niceties like an all-screen display and Face ID.

The iPhone XR is a compelling new hardware release for Apple, and it starts at $749, which is much less than the $999 entry-level price of the flagship iPhone XS. Yet, the iPhone XR isn’t perfect. Compromises needed to be made to meet such a price point, and some of those compromises are relatively glaring. Watch our hands-on video as we consider some of the worst iPhone XR features. more…

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