10 things that need to change about the iPhone X (and none of them are the notch)

iPhone X is pretty much everything we thought it would be: a radical new direction for Apple’s iconic handset that dumps the home button, eliminates the bezels, and provides a whole new platform for the future. Even with a thousand-dollar price tag, iPhone X is sure to be the hottest phone of the holiday shopping season, and will no doubt have a tremendous impact on the rest of the industry.

But like all first-generation pieces of tech, it’s not perfect. For the first time in a while, the design itself is the subject of some contention. I’m talking about the notch, of course. The blank space at the top of the screen for the camera and sensors has already generation tons of hate mail (even longtime Apple fan John Gruber thinks it’s “downright goofy”), but it’s already growing on me. Sure, third-party apps will go though an awkward phase where they don’t quite fit in the screen, but the notch does well to separate iPhone X from the rest of the bezel-less smartphone crowd. Once people start using it, I suspect no one will remember the controversy.

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