10 huge iPhone 8 details we learned from Apple’s HomePod leak

If you were following Apple back in 2010, you remember the infamous iPhone 4 leak. The handset that introduced the world to FaceTime, the Retina display, and a stunning design that lives on to this day in the iPhone SE was plastered all over Gizmodo some two months before its formal introduction. Even in the age of rumor sites and Reddit, it was a rare red-faced moment for Apple.

And from the looks of it, it has happened again. No, the iPhone 8 wasn’t left in a California bar by an absent-minded Apple employee, but a ton of information about the next iPhone was inadvertently leaked by an unscrupulous engineer. A pre-release version of the HomePod firmware was accidentally uploaded to a public server earlier this week, and naturally, developers quickly downloaded it and starting digging for clues. And boy were there a lot of them:

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