Over the past months, we’ve regularly shared a number of drone videos showing the progress at Apple’s Spaceship Campus 2 construction site. Now that the Cupertino firm’s new headquarter nears completion, SkyIMD has published a cool high-resolution aerial mosaic, offering up an incredibly detailed view of the site.

1.7-Gigapixel Aerial Image Offers Incredibly Detailed View of Apple Campus 2 Construction Site

A larger, high-resolution version of the photo is available on the SkyIMD website.


The image depicts the main spaceship building that is the highlight of the campus, with its massive curved glass windows and huge built-in glass doors that open up into a cafeteria area. The aerial photo, composed of ten 100-megapixel images captured with a PhaseOne iXA-RS1000, was made on December 22.

SkyIMD says the shots were snapped from a Cessna airplane flying around 2,000 feet over Campus 2 for 30 minutes on December 22. The photographer used a 90mm lens fitted to the Phase One body, capturing a ground sample distance of 3 cm/pixel.

The mosaic was then stitched together using Photoshop. As AppleInsider notes, a few misalignments and visual artifacts are apparent, but overall, the results are impressive.

SkyIMD has made the full resolution 34,111-by-49,487 pixel image available via an interactive viewer on its site. (Unfortunately, the site appears to be down at the moment. Keep trying, it’s probably due to an unexpected amount of traffic hitting the site.)

Apple expects to put the finishing touches on the campus by the beginning of 2017, and its employees should begin moving in sometime during the first quarter. However, landscaping work will continue until the middle of the year.