Ryze’s programmable Tello EDU drone helps teach code, on sale through Apple and DJI

Ryze this week announced the launch of a new iPhone- and iPad-controlled drone, the Tello EDU, intended to teach programming skills to both new and experienced coders.

Uber’s new rewards program offers significant perks for frequent riders

If you’re a frequent Uber rider and Uber Eats user, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has launched the equivalent of a frequent flyer program for its services. The more money you spend on Uber and Uber Eats, the better and more interesting perks you’ll get, which, in turn, will motivate you to spend even more cash on Uber. Bikes and scooters will also be included in Uber Rewards soon.

Uber on Wednesday announced the Uber Rewards program, which will kick off in nine US cities, including Miami, New Jersey, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Diego. In the coming months, all Uber riders in the US will be able to sign up for the Rewards program.

To get into Uber Rewards, you’ll have to sign up for the program and start collecting points. The more points you have, the higher the rewards, and there are four tiers to reach, including Blue, Gold (over 500 points), Platinum (over 2,500 points) and Diamond (over 7,500 points).

Earnings periods are six months long, and they start the moment you sign up for the program. Once a tier is unlocked, you’ll retain it for the remaining earnings period, and the next six months.

Here’s how the points system works:

  • One point for every dollar spent on UberPool and Uber Eats orders
  • Two points for Uber X, Uber XL, Select, and WAV
  • Three points for Black and Black SUV
  • Every 500 points gets you $5 Uber Cash balance, regardless of membership level

Here’s are the perks for each tier:

  • Blue
    • gets you closer to Gold where the fun starts
  • Gold
    • flexible cancellations — cancel and rebook within 15 minutes to have the cancellation fee refunded
    • priority support for Uber and Uber Eats
  • Platinum
    • all the Gold perks
    • price protection on a route even during traffic or busy times of the day
    • priority pickups at airports
  • Diamond
    • all the Gold and Platinum perks
    • dedicated support with fast 24/7 response times
    • “surprise upgrades” from UberX to premium products like Uber Black at no extra cost
    • “UberX Diamond” option in the app to access highly-rated drivers
    • no delivery fee on three Uber Eats orders every six months

Funcl W1 and AI truly wireless earphones are a steal

We can’t count how many truly wireless earbuds we’ve seen come across our desk, but the latest W1 and AI from Funcl are truly impressive considering their sub $20 and $50 price tags.

Get this portable battery pack and jump starter for just $68 today

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon is running a great promotion on this portable battery pack from Rugged Geek. The 1000 peak amp pack has a 4.5-star customer rating, on over 1,100 reviews, and it can jump starter everything from your phone to your laptop—even your car. And for a limited time, you can grab one for more than 30% off.

Police jailed drunk raccoons in West Virginia because they were being obnoxious

Rabies is no joke, so if you see a wild animal acting weird, it’s always a good idea to both avoid it and alert animal control so they can take a look. When police in Milton, West Virginia, got calls about suspected rabid raccoons acting obnoxious in broad daylight, they discovered that the bandit-faced animals were merely drunk. Yes, drunk.

Officers discovered that the raccoons had been munching on crabapples that had fermented. The tasty treats made the creatures a bit tipsy and caused them to act erratically, much like a bar patron who doesn’t know their limit. So, what do you do with a bunch of drunk raccoons? The same thing you do with a drunk human: stick ’em in a jail cell until they sober up.

The story, as posted on the police department’s Facebook page, is quite funny. Multiple calls of allegedly rabid raccoons resulted in the apprehension of at least two of the animals. Once they were allowed to sober up, they were set free in a nearby woods.


Believe it or not, this isn’t the first incident of inebriated wildlife we’ve seen over the past few months. Back in early October, police in Minnesota had to tell citizens to stop reporting suspicious bird behavior, because the birds were likely just drunk off of fermented berries that resulted from an early frost.

Law enforcement received several calls about birds acting strange. The feathered fellas were running into buildings and cars and acting odd. The advice given to locals was to let the birds sober up and move on with their lives, but Milton police had to handle things a bit differently since raccoons can actually be dangerous if approached, drunk or not.

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