Apple Encourages Developers to Get Their Mac Apps Notarized

In macOS Mojave, Apple introduced a new notarization feature for apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store that’s designed to further protect users from malicious Mac apps.

Apple is encouraging Mac app developers to submit their apps to Apple to…

Another iPad Pro rumor says USB-C will replace Lightning this year

As part of its coverage of the Global Source Mobile Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong this week, Japanese blog Macotakara reports that each and every accessory maker it spoke to claims that the next iPad Pro will feature a USB-C connector for charging and data transfer. This would mark the first time Apple has replaced the proprietary Lightning port on any of its mobile devices since the technology was introduced back in 2012.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about Apple weaning itself off of Lightning, but the number of corroborating reports claiming the next iPad Pro will be the first Apple tablet to have a USB-C port continues to grow.

Just last week, sources told 9to5Mac that the 2018 iPad Pro will be able to output 4K HDR video to external display using its new USB-C port. There will be a new panel in the Settings app specifically for controlling what users share on other screens, including resolution, brightness, turning HDR on and off, and more.

9to5Mac’s report didn’t clarify whether or not the USB-C port would replace the Lightning port altogether, but back in September, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a research note that Apple’s next iPad will ship with an 18W USB-C charger in the box, and that Apple is ready to start moving on to USB-C.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait much longer to verify these reports, as Apple announced on Thursday that it will hold a press event on October 30th, where the new iPad Pro is expected to be unveiled.

Apple repair policy critic vows to fight ‘counterfeit’ battery seizure by U.S. customs

Prominent YouTube repair personality and repair shop owner Louis Rossmann has objected to the seizure of original batteries worth $1,000 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection under the suspicion they are counterfeit, ten days after…

Google to charge Android OEMs as much as $40 per phone in EU

After the EU ruling, OEMs can unbundle Google’s Android apps, but it will cost them.

Ars on your lunch break: Theaterwide biotoxic and chemical warfare

The interview with Sam Harris wraps up with plenty of existential doom.

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