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The latest apps to go free in the App Store are Retainit, Juicifi and Rollabear. Once having a price tag on them, these iOS apps are now free in the App Store.

The first of the three apps to go free is Retainit. This app allows users to create cabinets for different areas of their life, this includes work, school and personal. Users will be able to add more cabinets with to-dos, projects, goals, reminders, contacts, notes, photos and more. This app also lets users filter through, organize, search with a browser, edit icons/backgrounds and tag folders.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

The second app Juicifi, is an app that lets users browse through over 300 recipes to make. Each and every recipe is broken down into 14 different categories, which includes categories like energy, immunity, digestion and weight loss. Each recipe contains a small description and can be searched up in the app with a built-in search engine.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Rollabear offers players different 3-D environments with fish to collect, and lumberjacks to knock down. After pulling back on the slingshot and releasing it, your bear will curl up into a ball and will roll through the stage. To steer it while curled up, players will need to tap the sides of the screen to guide the bear. This game offers three game modes, six chapters, 20 bears to unlock and over 50 levels.
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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Note: These apps will be free for a limited time.

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