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The next major Xbox One update might make the dashboard usable again

Xbox One system update

Microsoft has tooled with the Xbox One user interface pretty frequently since the console launched in 2013, but no matter how much work the developers put into it, the dashboard is still difficult to navigate and as slow as its ever been. Thankfully, on Monday, Microsoft unveiled another major overhaul that is set to arrive for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring of testing starting this week.

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Fortnite poisons a potentially great game with agonizing F2P limits

Enlarge / At its best, Fortnite looks (and feels) like this nicely staged promo pic of in-game action. However, so many free-to-play annoyances drag this "build a base, blast some zombies" potential to the unseemly depths. (credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite comes very close to standing out from the crowded online-shooter fray. Some video games let you hunker down with friends and shoot a zillion oncoming zombies. Other games let you build a giant, personalized fortress. What if a single game let you do both—and made the fort-building stuff a cinch? (Basically, a particularly smooth gaming combo of peanut butter and chocolate.)

To test that attractive sales pitch, I have racked up about a week of on-and-off Fortnite testing, spread over the two weeks since the game launched in a peculiar "paid early access" manner. With that much time, I've confirmed that Fortnite includes a darned good synergy of those game ideas, backed by robust game mechanics, incredible art design, and a base-building system that really finds a good balance between simplicity and depth.

Trouble is, I've also struggled to have fun with the results thus far. While Epic has declared that this is an "early access" game for the foreseeable future, whose elements are subject to change, I'm concerned that Fortnite's root issue can't be so easily patched: the poisonous real-money economics stirred into the gameplay pot.

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‘Destiny 2’ open beta extended to Tuesday evening for PS4, Xbox One

Destiny 2 open beta extended

If you didn't have a chance to check out the Destiny 2 open beta on PS4 or Xbox One this weekend, we have some good news for you. Bungie has opted to extend the beta to Tuesday, July 25th at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET in order to allow for "additional service testing" with the game's launch right around the corner.

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Your friends will soon be able to gift you games right from the Xbox One store

xbox one game gifting

There's probably nothing more frustrating for a video game fan than seeing your friends log on to play a game together when you don't own that particular title. Well, begging your buddies to buy you games is about to get a whole lot easier, as long as you have an Xbox One. Microsoft is planning on adding a game gifting feature to the Xbox One store, allowing gaming buddies to send titles to each other in a much more streamlined and efficient way, according to a Twitter post by Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra.

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Report: Xbox One X benchmarks detail 4K capabilities

When we got our first hands-on (and eyes-on) experience with the Xbox One X at E3 last month, we weren't exactly in awe of the improved resolutions and graphical effects on display. Now, though, we're starting to see initial reports of just how "the most powerful console ever" improves raw performance on games originally designed for the base Xbox One system.

In an extensive report, Digital Foundry cites development sources briefed by Microsoft earlier in the year as the site outlines performance information for nine titles running on Xbox One and as simple ports to take advantage of the Xbox One X. While Digital Foundry wasn't able to confirm which specific titles were being discussed, data on the genre, engine, and resolution targets allows for some educated guesses regarding the nature of these titles.

The site stresses that these are rudimentary, unoptimized ports that don't make use of any new hardware effects on the Xbox One X, nor do these ports account for changes like the move from a fast ESRAM cache to slower GDDR5. As such, the numbers under discussion here "may be underestimating the real life result on Xbox One X," as Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter puts it.

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