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Leak: Can the iPhone 8 compete with a Galaxy Note 8 that looks like this?

Galaxy Note 8 Phone Specs

Samsung is working hard to ensure that its upcoming new Galaxy Note 8 is the hottest new smartphone of 2017, but only figuratively this time. The Galaxy Note 7 was nothing short of a total disaster, which is obviously a shame since reviewers and consumers alike absolutely loved the phone until it started exploding in people's hands. In 2017, Samsung moved toward a fresh and exciting new design with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The phones' new Infinity Displays occupy an impressive 83% of their front sides, creating a more immersive experience than we've ever seen before on a widely available flagship smartphone.

With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is rumored to be pushing its sleek new "all-screen" design even further, and now a new leak points to what may end up being the most stunning smartphone the world has ever seen.

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Samsung Galaxy Book review: A better TabPro S, but not a laptop replacement

Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)

Samsung revamped one of its 2016 hybrids while simultaneously creating a challenger to Microsoft's Surface family. Last year's Galaxy TabPro S was a thin-and-light tablet powered by a Skylake Core M processor and featuring an OLED display. While stunning, the OLED display raised questions about the longevity of the device, and the tablet itself was lacking in connectivity options.

The new Galaxy Book tries to fix some of that while keeping the good parts intact: it's a slim Windows tablet, accompanied by a folio keyboard case and S Pen stylus, that's vying to replace your regular laptop by enticing you with Ultrabook-grade internals. The Galaxy Book comes in 10- and 12-inch models, but both are very different, not just in their screen size, but in internal quality as well. While Samsung managed to right some of the wrongs of the TabPro S, it's hard to make a case for the Galaxy Book replacing your everyday work device.

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Samsung insists your Galaxy S8’s iris scanner can’t be hacked in real life

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Hack Real Life

Security researchers showed that the Galaxy S8’s iris scanner can be easily bypassed with the right tools. After the video had come out, Samsung issued a first response, reassuring customers that it’s aware of the issue, and that it’ll further study the matter. Since then, the company made other official comments on the hack, saying that it’s unlikely for it to work in real life use.

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Video: tricking Galaxy S8’s iris scanner into unlocking the phone

Eyeballs and faces are not as secure as fingerprints—German hackers with the Chaos Computer Club have bypassed iris authentication technology that’s prominently featured in Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone. All that’s needed to trick Galaxy S8’s iris scanner into unlock the phone is an infrared photograph of the eye of the phone’s owner and a contact lens.

ArsTechnica says the photo need not even be a close up.

This video below, originally posted by Starbug (the moniker used by one of the principal researchers behind the hack), demonstrates how to circumvent the iris recognition of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone—such as a basic digital camera, Samsung’s laser printer and a contact lens—by using equipment that costs less than the $725 price of an unlocked device.

An attacker must posses a photograph of the phone owner’s face, which must be printed out to place the contact lens on the iris in the printout. Holding the image in front of a locked Galaxy S8 fools the iris scanner into unlocking the device.

Princeton Identity, the makers of Galaxy S8’s iris authentication technology, say the phone provides “airtight security” and that consumers can “finally trust that their phones are protected”. Samsung itself claimed that Galaxy S8’s iris scanning mechanism is “one of the safest ways to keep your phone locked.”

That said, we’ve known that bypassing the phone’s biometrics is laughably easy.

In March, iDevice posted a video proving that Galaxy S8’s facial recognition feature can be fooled into unlocking the phone by scanning a simple headshot of the phone’s owner.

According to The Korea Herald, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus handsets can even be unlocked by scanning the face of a sleeping person. Samsung is aware that Galaxy S8’s facial unlocking technology is not its most secure biometric system: in a March statement to Mashable, a company spokesperson said that facial unlocking cannot be used for purchases with Samsung Pay.

For that, you still must use the phone’s fingerprint reader as the iris scanner can only be used to purchase apps and media or unlock the phone. Galaxy S8 includes both iris scanning and facial recognition via the front-facing camera, in addition to fingerprint scanning via a sensor relocated to the rear side.

Apple’s own Touch ID fingerprint reader isn’t immune to hacks either.

Back in 2013, Starbug demonstrated that fingerprints casually collected off of water glasses can be leveraged to fool Touch ID into unlocking your iPhone. Android phones are susceptible to a similar hack.

As you know, Apple is expected to use facial unlocking and maybe even iris scanning in iPhone 8. Starbug, however, cautions that future smartphones with iris recognition may be equally easy to hack. Iris recognition, says Starbug, is hard to make hack-proof because you can’t really hide your iris.

“It’s even worse than fingerprints,” added the hacker.

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Samsung responds to discovery that Galaxy S8’s iris scanner can be tricked by a photo

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Hacked

Back when the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus were first released, there was some concern that people who chose to utilize the phones' iris scanners for security might be at risk. While the S8 line also includes a more conventional fingerprint scanner, Samsung gives users the option to unlock their phones using a quick iris scan as well. Some people were concerned that the technology Samsung used might be open to being tricked by a photo of a user's eyes, and those worries ended up being completely justified. On Tuesday, we learned that a group of security experts had indeed "hacked" the Galaxy S8's iris scanner using nothing more than a photograph and a contact lens.

Now, Samsung has finally issued a statement in response to what appears to be a gaping security hole in its new flagship smartphones.

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