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Amazon Instant Pickup delivers products in minutes, but only if you’re a thirsty student

Amazon Instant Pickup

Amazon Instant Pickup is a new service meant to reduce delivery times to just minutes after placing an order online. These will be brick-and-mortar locations where Amazon buyers will be able to pick up their purchases almost immediately. The huge catch is that we’re not looking at an impressive new Amazon Prime feature. Instead, this is basically Amazon’s version of the local vending machine.

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Amazon wants to send you pre-cooked meals thanks to military technology

amazon meals

Amazon is already web's largest retailer, and having mastered the digital sale and delivery of everything from audio books to baby wipes, it was only a matter of time before the company tackled ready-to-eat meals, too. As reported by Reuters, the ecommerce giant is hard at work on a system that would allow it to provide fully pre-cooked meals to customers without the need for expensive and complicated refrigeration requirements. 

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Target has a great sale going on Apple Watch Series 2 models

Apple Watch Series 2 Deals

If you’ve always wanted to buy an Apple Watch but never pulled the trigger, you should revisit that thought, especially if the price was your biggest barrier. Apple’s smartwatch is not the cheapest wearable in town, but it’s definitely one of the most popular ones. And Target has a great deal you should check out that shaves $70 off some of the most popular Apple Watch Series 2 models around.

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Google just slashed the prices of its Pixel and Pixel XL by $200

Google Pixel Deal

It’s mid-August which means Google’s Android 8.0 update is right around the corner for Pixel and Nexus devices. It also means we have to wait at least a month until the Pixel 2 phones hit the streets. But if you’re looking to buy a Google phone, you should do it right now, and take advantage of Google’s huge discounts.

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Every Apple product you can buy tax-free this weekend

Apple sales tax weekend: eligible MacBooks, iPads

For one weekend only, residents of six states will have the opportunity to go shopping for shiny new toys without paying sales tax. Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Virginia are all participating in this weekend's sales tax holiday, which gives people the chance to buy new products (within limitations) without paying sales tax.

Never one to miss out on a good chance to boost sales, Apple has dedicated a whole corner of its website to helping residents work out which products will be cheaper this weekend.

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