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How global warming will make you weak and sick

global warming impact

If rising sea levels, more powerful storms, and mass extinction just haven't been enough to spark your concern over the growing climate crisis, perhaps becoming ill will do the trick. New research into the impact of global warming on crops reveals that rising CO2 levels will actually reduce the amount of protein and key minerals in many different foods, which will put massive populations at a huge risk of increased disease and stunted growth.

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This massive fish species was somehow only just discovered

new fish species

Researchers regularly remind us that the world's oceans are still hiding some truly remarkable secrets, but when we imagine new species of ocean life it's usually tucked away in the crushing depths, or so tiny that we somehow didn't notice it up until now. An all-new species of ocean sunfish was just discovered that throws those expectations completely out of the window, weighing in at over two tons and making regular trips near the surface in order to keep warm, but it's a remarkable find nonetheless.

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Fishermen snag monstrous 18-foot squid, and it’s somehow only a baby

giant squid caught

You probably won't find many people who envy the daily grind of professional fishermen who spend their day trawling the depths. It's a messy, oftentimes dangerous job that offers no guarantees, and for every man who makes his fortune from a fishing net there seems to be just as many who come up empty handed. All that being said, if you choose to dedicate your life to taming the ocean, every once in a while you'll get to see a real life sea monster, like the one caught by the crew of the Cú na Mara off the coast of Ireland this week.

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Scientists warn of ‘biological annihilation,’ say mass extinction event is currently happening on Earth

mass extinction

When you hear the term "mass extinction" you probably imagine something like the space rock that smacked Earth and led to the demise of the dinosaurs, but according to a new research paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we're currently experiencing an extinction event of our very own. After monitoring the populations of nearly 200 species, scientists are now sounding the alarm and insist that the dramatic changes in their numbers could threaten humanity as we know it.

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Colossal iceberg finally breaks free in Antarctica, and now the real crisis begins

antarctica iceberg

Scientists are the public in general have been keeping a very close eye on the crisis unfolding on the Larsen C ice shelf for months. A massive crack in the shelf has threatened to unleash a state-sized chunk of ice into the ocean for a long time, but a recent increase in the speed of the cracking (called "calving") captured the attention of the world. Well, the massive iceberg finally set itself free, and while this might sound like the end of the saga, the real danger is only just beginning.

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