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This creepy ‘faceless fish’ species was just discovered in the depths of the ocean

faceless fish

Despite ever increasing numbers of deep-sea expeditions, scientists continue to maintain that humanity has only a very cursory knowledge of the kinds of creatures that live in the depths of Earth's oceans. A month-long voyage off the coast of Australia has just discovered plenty of evidence to support that fact, including a fish with absolutely no face. 

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Wood Pattern Nature Cover for Macbook

This is the Wood Pattern Nature Cover for Macbook by RealDesignRocks. This Macbook case goes for 49.95-84.95 and has this to offer for those who might be interested in purchasing this case:


Welcome to the Real Design Rocks!

In my shop you will find cases for such MacBook models:

❁ MacBook Air 11”
❁ MacBook 12”
❁ MacBook Air 13”
❁ MacBook Pro 13”
❁ MacBook Pro Retina 13”
❁ MacBook Pro 15”
❁ MacBook Pro Retina 15”
❁ Macbook Pro 13 2016
❁ Macbook Pro 15 2016


Express Mac Shipping Deal – pay extra 30$ and get your order in 1-2 weeks!!!

❃ All Cases are made from high quality eco-friendly lightweight tough plastic.
❃ Design will cover cases fully.
❃ Images on the cases are high definition that make your phone looks marvelous, even after using for a long time.
❃ Cases ensure a full access to all necessary buttons.
❃ High quality lightweight plastic will protect your device from scratches and abrasion.
❃ Cases are thin and neat, so they perfectly fit the phone providing a stunning look!

Your order will be processed and shipped within 7-10 business days because of all productions and preparations.
All items will be shipped with registered Air Mail from Ukraine and well packed. Delivery time is approximately 15-20 business days from shipping date.

Please pay attention to shop policy.
I always try to produce exactly the same color that you can see on your screen, but, unfortunately, sometimes several colors may vary a bit because of monitor settings.

My goal is to make each customer happy with their order, and you can order a personalized/customized case with any image you like with CUSTOM ORDER. You need only to send me request or contact via email about you order.

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★ @realdesignrocks

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact me at any time. I’ll be glad to assist you. Thank you!

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Scientists hunt down super rare T. Rex ant and are shocked at what they find

science news

In nature, creatures that look ferocious and intimidating oftentimes have personalities to match. So, when researchers finally managed to find an active colony of an ant species with a frightening appearance and a name that literally means "tyrant ants," they expected to observe some seriously aggressive insect action. What they got instead has left them completely puzzled, and with more questions than answers.

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“Brains in a dish” move out of science fiction and into the lab

Small cultures of human neuronal cells developing in a dish are not quite “brains in a petri dish” as they are sometimes described. But these cerebral organoids give scientists unprecedented options for studying and understanding the early embryonic stages of human brain development. Two recent papers published in Nature show just how powerful these neuroscience research tools are. The first paper characterizes these neural developments more fully, while the second uses organoids as a tool to show how a neurodevelopmental disorder known as Timothy Syndrome develops.

Making a brain-like thing

The first paper focused on fully understanding brain organoids, which start out as a cluster of neural stem cells. The authors of the paper describe them as cell systems that build themselves up with their own internal growth program. After a month of growth in the dish, these organoids started to show brain regionalization, with different clusters of cells appearing to differentiate into the forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain, and retina, according to the gene markers for each of these regions.

After six months of growth, brain organoids developed 10 distinct cell classes, each of which mapped to neuron populations in the developing human brain, like astrocytes, retina cells, and cortex cells. Different brain organoids showed different distributions of these 10 neuron cell populations, and these differences were linked to the growth environment that the organoids were in. So, even though the brain organoids weren’t receiving growth signals from a human body, the culture environment could still direct their growth.

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Man who made his living killing African wildlife gets eaten by African wildlife

african hunter eaten

Scott Van Zyl made his living taking wealthy clients on "safaris" for the sole purpose of bringing home trophies like leopards, zebras, wildebeests and even lions. Now, investigators in Zimbabwe believe that Van Zyl ended up on the wrong end of the predator-prey relationship, and DNA tests have confirmed that he was attacked, killed, and eaten by crocodiles while on a hunting trip.

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