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Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ might not actually exist after all

planet nine

Skywatchers have been theorizing and dreaming about a mysterious unknown planet hanging out at the edge of our Solar System for many years. Sifting through an incredible amount of data, both professional scientists and amateur space sleuths have suggested that a planet is hiding somewhere past the recently demoted Pluto, and have repeatedly claimed that they have evidence that the reclusive world is out there. Now, after extensive study of four large bodies in the outer reaches of the Solar System seems to cast some serious doubt on Planet Nine's existence, and it's a huge blow to the effort of many astronomers in the ongoing search. 

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Can you spot the Curiosity rover in this photo of Mars?

mars rover

NASA's Curiosity rover has delivered some seriously stellar views of Mars to us back on Earth, but it's easy to forget that the dusty, durable vehicle spends a lot of its time driving to various locations of scientific importance. Crawling over rocks and navigating never-before-seen peaks and valleys, the trusty bot just keeps on truckin'. This week, NASA delivered a photo that perfectly encapsulates Curiosity's tiresome journey, but you might miss the rover at first glance.

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An asteroid is definitely going to hit the Earth, expert warns

asteroid news

Space is a dangerous place to be, and since the Earth is in space, every living thing on the planet is at risk of eventually feeling its wrath. Asteroids are the most clear and present threat that our Solar System poses to us, and you only need to look at the scars on the Earth, our moon, and other planets in our neighborhood to see exactly how real that danger is. Now, a Queen's University Belfast researcher is warning that the Earth is definitely going to be hit, it's just a matter of when.

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NASA just found 10 new Earth-like planets

space news

NASA's Kepler space telescope has been floating in space since early 2009, and it's already outlived its planned mission window by a handful of years, but that's not stopping it from continuing to find some seriously awesome objects outside of our Solar System. The team that runs the powerful stargazer just released a new rundown of over 200 brand new planets that the telescope has managed to detect, and ten of them are very, very exciting for anyone hoping to one day hear about the discovery of life outside of Earth.

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It’s summer on Saturn’s moon Titan, but you wouldn’t want to visit

saturn titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been hanging out around Saturn and its moons for over a decade and a half now, and it's seen a lot of really awesome sights during its visit. The planet's moon of Titan has gotten its fair share of attention along the way, and a new photograph captured by Cassini shows the hostile world in detail that we're rarely afforded. It may look like a pretty neat place to go sight-seeing, but you definitely wouldn't want to burn any of your vacation time there.

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