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Review : Bolt-S USB-C cable brings MagSafe back to the Mac

Removal of MagSafe from the latest round of MacBooks and MacBook Pros was one of the most controversial changes. MagSafe was life saving when someone inadvertently tripped over your power cable. Preventing your $1,000+ machine from toppling to the ground.

USB-C has quite its list of advantages, but it was still a difficult design decision that still angers people to this day. Vinpok is looking to remedy that with their launch of the Bolt-S USB-C magnetic cable for MacBook and MacBook Pro.... Read the rest of this post here

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Store Files & Protect Your MacBook With Tweleve South’s BookBook V2 Case

Twelve South has recently released a new case for the MacBook called the BookBook V2 case, that was designed to look and feel just like a book, just with a bottom compartment to store any of your files or paperwork in it.

Now since the case was designed with a soft microfiber interior and a hardback cover, your MacBook is guaranteed to get protected from the inside and out, due to the case surrounding the top and bottom of it. Making it a perfect case to take with you when you’re traveling, at a cafe or even just inside your house, since it does wonders blocking out any elements that might get on it from time to time.

And due to the BookBook V2 case looking just like a book when you close it, you never have to worry about your MacBook getting stolen or being too visible whenever you’re outside, since it completely covers it once you fold it up. Which would be great for when you’re out in public with it, or want to use it as a decoration piece for your coffee table or on your bookshelf, since nobody would even know you’re storing your computer in it.

Twelve South’s new BookBook V2 case is currently available at for $79.99 with free shipping and handling, for any Macbook Air or Pro. For more information about this particular case, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source: Amazon

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Flower Vase Macbook Cover

This is the Flower Vase Macbook Cover by macbookworld. This Macbook case goes for a solid price of 32.54 and has this to offer for those who might be interested in purchasing this case:



You can get the free postage by applying the coupon code at checkout. Please add 2 or more cases to qualify for this offer.

Coupon code: POSTAGE4FREE

For more designs, Please visit our store:


Can’t wait? Simply purchase express service from the following link. We will upgrade postal service to express with online tracking and post your order in next business day.


Macbook 12″ – fits the new 12″
Macbook Air 11″/13″ – fits Air 11″/13″ all models
Macbook Pro Retina 13″/15″ – fits Pro WITHOUT DVD drive, Touch Bar and Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports (since 2012)
Macbook Pro 13″/15″ (DVD) – fits Pro WITH DVD Drive (since 2008)
Macbook Pro Touch 13 – fits Pro with Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB-C) or Touchbar (since 2016)


Our front cover is slim form-fitting hard case which is securely attached to front screen. If you’d like all around protection, you can also purchase the bottom case from the following link. Don’t forget to use coupon code “POSTAGE4FREE” at checkout


Our rubberized front hard cover is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. If you would like completely protection, you can also purchase the back cover from

It also has a unique micro-clip design for easy installation and removal. The special surface-treated with rubberized coating feature a textured, scratch-resistant matte finish that resists scratches, fingerprints, and smudges while providing your MacBook with a comfortable grip.We makes cases that are designed for impact to protect the macbook you rely on. With a balance of ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection, we provide a difference you can see and feel.


> Ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection for your MacBook Pro
> Snap-on, thin, and lightweight
> Micro-clip design for easy installation and removal
> Specialized coating for enhanced scratch protection


All cases are handmade and printed by us. We use the highest standard Eco UV coating printing technology from Japan. It delivers high color density and wide gamut for exceptional images print.


A Macbook cove is essential for protecting your macbook from falls and scratches. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain, boring cover.Love your iPad and Macbook? Create a cover for it now!Simply send us your design to put on your case and it’ll become a unique piece of art. Your Macbook case will now offer protection and style, plus become a treasured gift for a loved one.


We promise 100% satisfaction. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back. Our guarantee is what we say it is. This means no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with our product for any reason whatsoever, just post the it back to us, you will get a refund of the product price. Postage is not refundable. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


All vectors and images we used have been checked for copyrights. The licenses have been obtained and purchased either from the copyright holder directly or third-party stock websites. It is not the intention to willingly violate copyrights or intellectual ownership in any way.

If you have a complaint about something or find your content is being used incorrectly. PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO MAKING A COPYRIGHT CLAIM. We will show you the license agreement regarding your content. Any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to all parties satisfaction.

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Twelve South’s new MacBook stand has flowing ribbon design that pays tribute to Apple Park

An all-new redesign of Twelve South’s original iCurve stand for notebooks, their new Curve accessory that got announced today improves upon the ergonomics of its predecessor with its flowing ribbon design that pays tribute to Apple’s massive ring-shaped headquarters.... Read the rest of this post here

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Macbook Sweet Dreams Indian Dreamcatcher

This is the Macbook Sweet Dreams Indian Dreamcatcher by StoreDecorUS. This Macbook sticker goes for 20.99-33.99 and has this to offer for those who might be interested in purchasing this sticker:


Give your Mac new life and individuality with Sweet Dreams Indian Dreamcatcher! Make it special as yourself!

Photopolymer PVC Self-adhesive custom cut foil with unique Indian design

Characteristics of the material:
Protects the front panel of your favourite computer from scratches and moisture
UV protection
Heat protection up to 63 °C
Lovely laminate finish

Characteristics of the print:
High quality detailed print of 8192 px
Extremely detailed graphic
Deep realistic colours

Easy to install:
1 Step: Clean the surface of the computer
2 Step: Remove the decal from the transport base (white paraffin paper)
3 Step: Carefully chose the position starting from the apple logo and keep sticking it up from the centre to the corners. (Use a rakel or plastic card wrapped in piece of textile fabric)

It does NOT damage the surface of the computer, if you decide to remove it or change it with a new one!

The product images are for illustrative purposes. Please, have a look at our tutorial, to have an idea how you can properly install the decal. Link to the tutorial: Please note, that some decals have to had 9mm technical line cuts in the corners (see the tutorial), due to smooth laying on the corner curves of some of the computer models.

Note: You can use soap and water mixture or display cleaning solution instead of the spray shown in the video and a plastic card wrapped in piece of textile fabric instead of the rakel. Please, do not use objects with sharp edges during the installation and do not stick the decal anywhere else but on the computer, because you may pollute the adhesive layer.

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