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How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Apple today released the first public beta of iOS 11 for eligible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models, allowing users who aren't signed up for the Apple Developer Program to test the software update ahead of its official release in the fall.

iOS 11 is pre-release software, so installing the beta on a secondary device is highly recommended. Due to bugs and other potential issues, installing the iOS 11 beta on an iPhone that you use everyday is generally not a good idea.

Installing the iOS 11 public beta is a relatively simple task that, in most cases, shouldn't take longer than 15 or 20 minutes from start to finish. Here's the step-by-step instructions for an iPhone, which extend to the iPad and iPod touch.

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Apple launches public betas of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11

Following the June 5 release of developer-only previews of Apple’s four main software platforms at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino giant today released first public betas of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13 and tvOS 11.

You must enroll in the official Apple Public Beta Software Program (available at no charge) and download a special configuration profile via the website to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or the fourth-generation Apple TV.

Sign in with your Apple ID through the website to get started. iOS 11 public beta has the same features as iOS 11 beta 2. The same goes for the macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 public betas.

TUTORIAL: How to create USB installer for macOS High Sierra

After installing a configuration profile (click “Enroll Your Devices”), restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or the fourth-generation Apple TV, then and use the built-in Software Update mechanism in the Settings app to download and install the public beta.

watchOS betas are not available to the general public.

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Mac users will need to download the Public Beta Access utility from the website, which makes the public beta of macOS High Sierra show up under Mac App Store’s Updates tab.

“If you were testing a prior operating system, please re-enroll your device to start testing the next release,” the company notes.

TUTORIAL: How to unenroll from Apple Beta Software Program

Be sure the check out the official system requirements for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra before installing their public betas. tvOS 11 requires a fourth-generation Apple TV.

Will you be taking iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 for a spin, do you think? If so, what features are you looking forward to the most, and why?

Tell us in comments!

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10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Best Free iPhone Apps

It's the last week of June, and we're not letting you escape the month without loading up your iPhone or iPad. You've got five more days of freebies coming your way before the month is over, and it all begins with today's list of 10 premium iOS apps that are all discounted to free for a limited time.

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Updated builds of iOS 11 and tvOS 11 betas now available

Apple on Monday issued a slightly revised build of iOS 11 beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as an updated build of tvOS 11 beta 2 for the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The new builds appear on select devices only.

iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 Update 1, as it’s called, has the build number of 15A5304j, up from the build number of 15A5304i in iOS 11 beta 2 which was seeded to developers five days ago.

According to the official release notes on Apple’s Dev Center portal, iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 Update 2 resolves an issue preventing reverting to iOS 10 from iOS 11 beta.

To revert to an earlier version of iOS, follow the instructions shown in Apple’s support doc.

As for the updated tvOS 11 beta, the new version has a higher build number of 15J5310h versus build number of 15J5310e for the original tvOS 11 beta 2.

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The revised beta builds may also patch dangerous exploits while addressing performance issues on older hardware like iPhone 6.

iOS 11 cuts off 32-bit devices like the iPhone 4s/5/5c handsets.

The new builds are available over the air via the Software Update mechanism in Settings on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. As mentioned before, they appear on select devices.

Build numbers for beta 2 of macOS High Sierra 10.13 and watchOS 4 have stayed intact. Public betas of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13 and tvOS 11 are coming later this month.

watchOS betas are currently unavailable for public beta-testing.

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Watch new ARKit demos: Minecraft and measuring tape

The website dedicated to highlighting cool apps made with Apple’s new ARKit framework, was updated today with a pair of new video demonstrations showing off some of the augmented reality possibilities coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 this fall.

The first demo has the user selecting two spots in the real world, as viewed through an iPhone’s lens, to calculate the distance between them, transforming the device into a working tape measure. That’s a great example of the power of the ARKit framework.

The app was built by Laan Labs and, like other ARKit-enabled apps, uses an iOS device’s camera along with sensor data to precisely find horizontal planes in the real world, such as tables, floors and other objects.

You can beta-test the app by signing up at

Laan Labs has other examples of proof-of-concept apps built using ARKit on their Twitter, like the following example of impressive 3D drawing in augmented reality.

As for an AR-enabled Minecraft, we don’t know if Minecraft creator Mojang is working on one, but that didn’t stop developer Matthew Hallberg from recreating Minecraft in AR using the ARKit framework and the Unity engine.

By superimposing Minecraft building blocks on top of the real-world, and taking advantage of ARKit’s super accurate tracking, the user is able to walk around their environment and place Minecraft blocks at arbitrary spots. “I love that you are able to place life size objects because the tracking with ARkit is so good,” Matthew said.

Apple is also using ARKit tracking for an impressive virtual reality mode in Apple Maps on iOS 11. The Cupertino giant is even helping Ikea build an ARKit-powered app which will let you try out virtual furniture at home before purchasing it.

ARKit requires a device with an Apple A9 or A10 chip because those processors deliver “breakthrough performance that enables fast scene understanding and lets you build detailed and compelling virtual content on top of real-world scenes,” as per Apple.

How do you like the aforementioned ARKit demos? Are you looking forward to augmented reality-enabled apps, and why? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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