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Apple Music’s 3 month trial has gone from free to paid in some countries

If you live in Australia, Spain or Switzerland, you can no longer try out Apple Music for three months for free. In those countries, Apple Music’s three-month trial now requires a small payment. In Australia, three months of Apple Music is now AUD 0.99. In Spain, Apple Music trial is now a € 0,99 value and in Switzerland it comes in at SFR 0.99.

The trial was still free in those countries as of May 14, according to The Verge. In an email statement to the publication, Apple said: “Pricing and promotions for Apple Music vary from country to country.”

AppleInsider thinks the move may have something to do with Apple trying to recover some of those costs with paid trial periods.

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In all other countries, Apple Music’s three-month trial remains available at no charge.

Apple Music lunched in 2015 with a fairly generous three-month free trial allowing customers to try the service before paying a monthly subscription.

It’s interesting that rival Spotify also does not offer a free trial in Australia, Spain and Switzerland, charging the same fee for three months of its service in those markets.

On the other hand, Spotify’s trial costs 99 cents elsewhere, too, including in the US and Canada.

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Apple Music’s Three-Month Trial is No Longer Free in Australia, Spain, and Switzerland

Since launching in June 2015, Apple Music has offered a free three-month trial in the United States and over 100 other countries around the world. In some countries, such as Ireland and the Netherlands, the free trial is for one month.

According to Apple's website, however, the trial now costs 99 cents in Australia, 0,99 € in Spain, and Fr. 0.99 in Switzerland. Based on our spot check, the trial remains free in all other countries where Apple Music is available.

The reason why Apple has started charging a nominal fee for the trial in Australia, Spain, and Switzerland is unclear. The trial was still free in those countries as of May 14, according to archived versions of Apple's website.

Apple Music rival Spotify's three-month trial also costs 99 cents in Australia, 0,99 € in Spain, and Fr. 0.99 in Switzerland.

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Apple Maps Transit Directions Now Available in Adelaide, Australia

Apple Maps has been updated with comprehensive transit data in Adelaide, Australia, enabling iPhone users in the city to navigate with public transportation, primarily including Adelaide Metro buses and commuter trains.

Apple Maps gained a Transit tab in iOS 9. The feature lags several years behind Google Maps, but Apple's public transportation support is exhaustive, mapping all station entrances and listing departure times.

At launch, the feature was limited to Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto, and over 300 cities in China. Since then, Apple has been working to expand support for public transportation to other cities around the world.

Newer additions include Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Manchester, Melbourne, Miami, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Montréal, New Orleans, Paris, Portland, Pittsburgh, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C.

A complete list of cities that support Transit in Apple Maps is available on the iOS Feature Availability page of Apple's website.

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Apple Pay Launches for HSBC in Australia, Adds 22 New U.S. Banks

HSBC is now offering Apple Pay support to its Visa and MasterCard credit card customers in Australia. In related news, the contactless payment system also added 22 new U.S. financial institutions to its support rolls.


HSBC said the majority of its customers’ credit card payments are already contactless and it expects Apple Pay will be quickly embraced as part of the wider shift towards tap-and-go payments.

“Our customers have told us they want to be able to use Apple Pay in Australia, and we’re proud to be able to make this service available to them,” said Graham Heunis, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Australia. “HSBC has introduced Apple Pay in five other markets and we’re looking forward to another successful launch here.”

HSBC offers an Apple Pay web page on its site, which guides its customers through adding a card to the Wallet app on their iPhone and iPad for use with Apple Pay.

While a growing number of Australian banks now support Apple Pay, a number of the larger banks in the country are still holdouts. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation, NAB, and Bendigo and Adelaide have resisted supporting the payment system.

U.S. Banks Add Apple Pay Support

22 U.S. banks and credit unions have also recently began offering Apple Pay support to their customers. The financial institutions are:

  • 1st Constitution Bank
  • Alerus Financial N.A.
  • Bank of Cashton
  • Bank of New Mexico
  • BankStar Financial
  • Central National Bank & TrustCompany
  • Chevron Federal Credit Union
  • Citizens Community Bank
  • Connexus Credit Union
  • Department of CommerceFederal Credit Union
  • First Bank Blue Earth
  • First National Bank of Pana
  • First US Community CreditUnion
  • Legacy Bank
  • Manasquan Bank
  • Market USA Federal CreditUnion
  • Midstates Bank N.A.
  • Security State Bank ofHibbing
  • Skyward Credit Union
  • The Bank of Bennington
  • Two River Community Bank

Apple’s contactless payments system works with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus; all Apple Watches; iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, and both iPad Pro models. Macs are the latest addition to the compatibility list, as they can now use Apple Pay as of the debut of macOS Sierra.

Adding Your Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay

Users can add their credit or debit card to Apple Pay, by doing the following:

  • iPhone users running iOS 9 can go to the Wallet app and tap the “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner to begin, and then just follow the prompts. Users of iPads with Touch ID can add a card to the service to use in apps by going to “Settings” -> “Wallet & Apple Pay” to add a card there.
  • Apple Watch users will need to enter the Watch app on their iPhone, Tap on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option, and then tap the “Add Credit or Debit Card” option.

Spotify — Everything you need to know right now!

Have an unquenchable thirst for music? Spotify can help you out.

Download now

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. According to Business Insider by way of Edison Research, it's the second most popular audio streaming service next to Pandora. It pretty much has it all, from the biggest artists of today and yesteryear to the indie artists that only your cool cousin Chaz has heard of.

Here's everything you need to know about Spotify!

What is Spotify?

It's quite simply a music streaming library. Think of it like your music library on your phone or computer, but instead of being physically stored on your device, it's in an online repository, so you need an internet connection to access it. It features streaming radio stations, as well as millions of songs by many thousands of artists. Heard this one song one time 10 years ago? Chances are you'll be able to find it on Spotify.

Just how many songs are in Spotify's library?

There are over 30 million songs in the Spotify library. That's one song for every second of every day for almost a year (347 days).

Is it free???

Ostensibly, yes. Streaming on Spotify is absolutely free, but there are certain features that you miss out on. You can skip tracks, but only a certain number. After that, you're stuck listening to the song that's playing for a certain period of time. You'll also hear ads between tracks and have some other on-demand limitations.

A paid subscription is $9.99 per month, which gives you total access to everything Spotify has to offer, including offline listening and Spotify Connect, which lets you use your Spotify app as a remote to play Spotify on supported devices.

Are there family and student rates?

Yup. The family rate is $14.99 per month, and up to 6 users can enjoy full access to Spotify, including their own playlists, which follow you if you choose to upgrade.

The student rate is $4.99 per month; you just need to prove you're a student with your student number. Your account will revert to a regular Premium account after 12 months, which is how Spotify keeps tabs on who's still a student and who's just milking their account. The student rate is available in only 34 countries.

I live in (insert country here). Can I use Spotify?

Spotify is available in over 60 countries. You can check with Spotify to find it if it's available for you.

Which devices support Spotify?

Spotify works on just about any device within reason. Here are all the Apple devices that Spotify supports:

  • iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 8 or higher
  • iPad 2 or newer running iOS 8 or higher
  • iPod Touch 5th generation or newer running iOS 8 or higher
  • Mac running OS X 10.9 or newer

Each device must have a minimum of 100MB of free space.

How does it compare to the other big music streaming services?

As far as all the other music streaming services are concerned, Spotify is a BIG deal. It has over 100 million active monthly users and over 50 million paying subscribers as of March, 2017.

Let's take a closer look:

Spotify Apple Music Google Play Music Amazon Prime Music Pandora
Free trial period 30 days 3 months 30 days 30 days (with Prime membership) 30 days for Premium, 7 days for Plus
Price $9.99/month ($14.99 for family up to 6 people) $9.99/month ($14.99 for family up to 6 people) $9.99 ($14.99 for family up to 6 people) Comes with Prime membership ($99/year), $7.99/month for Unlimited Pandora Premium: $4.99/month, $54.89/year Pandora Plus: $9.99/month, $109.89/year
Library size ~ 30 million songs ~ 40 million songs ~ 40 million songs ~ 2 million (may differ depending on location), ~ 40 million (Unlimited) ~ 40 million
Number of countries supported Over 60 Over 110 Over 60 See Amazon Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A.

Should I subscribe to Spotify?

If you're not married to the whole Apple ecosystem, then absolutely. Its autoplay features and Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly playlists are wonderful and if you love discovering new music or just listening to other albums from artists you love, then I can't say enough great things about it. Plus, it has a fantastic desktop app for Mac and PC that works with your keyboard playback controls.

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Got a question about Spotify? Sound off in the comments below.

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