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Tim Cook says ‘hate is a cancer’ & promises $2M donation in company email following Charlottesville tragedy

Following the company’s decision to block Apple Pay on websites promoting white supremacy and hate groups, Apple CEO Tim Cook this evening sent a mass email to all Apple employees to discuss the tragedy in Charlottesville that occurred over the weekend.

In the email, obtained by 9to5Mac, Cook expressed his dissonance with President Trump, while he also said that Apple will be making donations in support of equality…


Store Files & Protect Your MacBook With Tweleve South’s BookBook V2 Case

Twelve South has recently released a new case for the MacBook called the BookBook V2 case, that was designed to look and feel just like a book, just with a bottom compartment to store any of your files or paperwork in it.

Now since the case was designed with a soft microfiber interior and a hardback cover, your MacBook is guaranteed to get protected from the inside and out, due to the case surrounding the top and bottom of it. Making it a perfect case to take with you when you’re traveling, at a cafe or even just inside your house, since it does wonders blocking out any elements that might get on it from time to time.

And due to the BookBook V2 case looking just like a book when you close it, you never have to worry about your MacBook getting stolen or being too visible whenever you’re outside, since it completely covers it once you fold it up. Which would be great for when you’re out in public with it, or want to use it as a decoration piece for your coffee table or on your bookshelf, since nobody would even know you’re storing your computer in it.

Twelve South’s new BookBook V2 case is currently available at for $79.99 with free shipping and handling, for any Macbook Air or Pro. For more information about this particular case, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source: Amazon

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AT&T brings back DirecTV Now deal offering free Apple TV w/ 3 month prepaid subscription

When first launched last year, DirecTV Now offered new subscribers a free Apple TV when they prepaid for three months of service, but the deal was limited time only. Today, however, AT&T announced that it’s bringing that promotion back for a short period of time.


Top insider confirms the Apple Watch will have LTE, but there’s a big catch

Apple Watch 3 LTE

In reports published over the last few days, we've learned that the Apple Watch 3's biggest change is going to be the addition of an LTE radio. It's supposed to take the Apple Watch from a fancy iPhone accessory and turn it into a grown-up independent gadget. But Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities and one of the most respected Apple crystal-ball-gazers, claims that it will be lacking the rather important ability to make phone calls.

In a note, Kuo confirms previous reporting that the Watch 3 will have an LTE radio, but inserts a number of caveats. The chipset will be made by Qualcomm, not Intel; there won't be a physical SIM, as it'll use Apple's eSIM tech; and it will only have an LTE radio with no ability to make phone calls.

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Apple Pulls Apple Pay Support From Websites Selling White Nationalist and Nazi Apparel

Apple has disabled Apple Pay support on websites selling white nationalist and hate group apparel and accessories, reports BuzzFeed.

While Apple did not provide a comment on its decision to pull Apple Pay from the websites, an Apple spokesperson pointed out Apple Pay guidelines that prevent the payments service from being used on sites promoting hate, intolerance, and violence based on race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

On Wednesday, Apple confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it had disabled Apple Pay support for a handful of websites that sold sweaters with Nazi logos, t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase "White Pride" and a bumper sticker showing a car plowing into stick figure demonstrators. [...]

Apple removed Apple Pay capabilities from little-known sites including and, the latter of which sells apparel with Nazi logos.
Apple's efforts to block Apple Pay from white nationalist websites comes following a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white nationalists and supremacists clashed with counterprotestors over the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue located in Emancipation Park. The event culminated in the death of one person and the injury of 19 others after a white nationalist drove a car into a crowd of people.

While Apple has not made an official statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared two tweets earlier this week calling the events "heartbreaking" and condemning violence and racism.

In addition to Apple, many other sites have been cracking down on white nationalist and white supremacist organizations. PayPal has also pulled payment support from some of the sites in question, while Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Airbnb have made efforts to quell white nationalist activity on their platforms.

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