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Olixar Comes Out With A New Fidget Spinner Case For The iPhone 7 Plus

If you’re on the hunt for a new iPhone 7 Plus case that also works as a stress reliever, then Olixar’s new Fidget Spinner case might be for you; since it’s stylish, sturdy and fun to spin.

Since it comes with the popular toy that supposedly helps cure being “fidgety”, it’s a great way to waste time when you’re bored on your phone. For example, this case could come in handy for when you’re booting up your device, waiting for a page to load or wasting time until your battery is fully charged, to get your mind off of whatever you’re waiting on.


It also comes with a really intricate and mesmerizing design of flowers that go perfectly with the fidget spinner, and a little hole in the middle to allow you to attach and detach the spinner right in the case. But not only that, it’s also extremely lightweight, thin and perfect to put into your pocket, since it causes no extra bulk to your iPhone, and can easily snap right on your device without any problems.

So if you’re thinking about trying out Olixar’s new Fidget Spinner case, you can always be sure to check out, where they’re selling it for the iPhone 7 Plus for $18.99, in a color choice of black/white, blue/white and red/blue.

Source: DigitalTrends, MobileFun

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Apple starts selling refurbished Apple Pencil, get one for $85

While we’ve seen the accessory discounted a few times in the past, Apple this evening has started selling a refurbished Apple Pencil via its online store for $85 in the United States…


Apple Has Purchased The German Co. Sensomotoric Instruments

Apple recently purchased Sensomotoric Instruments, a German company that makes eye-tracking glasses and virtual reality goggles.

Talk has it that Apple has further interest in the augmented reality world, this time the company has purchased the German company Sensomotoric Instruments.

Sensomotoric Instruments specializes in eye tracking technology, providing professional service for a variety of businesses which calls for eye trackers that can be combined with motion tracking systems, as well as with other biometric data. SMI eye tracking technology can be integrated into virtual reality head mounted displays such as Google Glasses, and Oculus Rift, as well as other similar virtual reality hardware. The company’s eye-tracking glasses are said to record a person’s natural eye movement as well.

This recent purchase would tie in with one of the latest rumors stating that Apple is working on its own Smart Glasses, it’s apparent Apple is quite serious about incorporating AR in the company’s future projects. During WWDC week this year, Apple announced that a kit called ARKit would be coming to iOS 11 which is supposed to assist in future integration with Apple devices.

Source: Yahoo, appleinsider

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How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Apple today released the first public beta of iOS 11 for eligible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models, allowing users who aren't signed up for the Apple Developer Program to test the software update ahead of its official release in the fall.

iOS 11 is pre-release software, so installing the beta on a secondary device is highly recommended. Due to bugs and other potential issues, installing the iOS 11 beta on an iPhone that you use everyday is generally not a good idea.

Installing the iOS 11 public beta is a relatively simple task that, in most cases, shouldn't take longer than 15 or 20 minutes from start to finish. Here's the step-by-step instructions for an iPhone, which extend to the iPad and iPod touch.

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Four critics talk about what it was like to review the first iPhone 10 years ago

Original iPhone review

Lost in the endless coverage of iPhone 8 leaks and speculation is the fact that the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone is just days away. On June 29th, 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone, changing the course of the industry and making the company more relevant than it had ever been.

Ten years later, CBS Sunday Morning is celebrating the iPhone's anniversary by gathering the four tech critics who were given the opportunity to review the OG iPhone before it launched in 2007.

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