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Tweetbot for Mac updated w/ direct message image support, new @ reply rules, more

Keeping up with recent Twitter API changes, Tweetbot for Mac today has been updated with a handful of new features. The update bring the app to version 2.5 and includes features such as @ usernames no longer counting towards the character limit. First, the update to Tweetbot for Mac adds support for sending images via […]

New iPhone 8 concept video imagines bezel-less display, in-screen Touch ID & front camera, more

We’ve seen a host of concept images appear for this year’s iPhone 8, some good and some bad. Today, designers Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni have released their foray into iPhone 8 concept videos, offering a take on what the upcoming device could look like with features such as a front-facing camera embedded in the display…


Google Maps for iOS gains useful parking reminder feature

Google Maps is adding a small, but very useful feature that lets users save where they parked. Available on both iOS and Android, the feature can also provide reminders for when your parking meter is about to expire.


This bug will freeze your iPhone if you’re dumb enough to try

iPhone Freezes Control Center Bug

Given enough determination or pure luck, a device user will always find ways to freeze a gadget’s software. That’s exactly what happened with an iPhone user who discovered a way of freezing iOS by pressing a combination of menu options. Before you start worrying, this is not the kind of device freeze that can be performed with just a text message. Someone would need physical access to your phone to do it. Also, this freezing bug does not have any long-lasting effects on the phone even if it manages to temporarily render it useless.

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Apple postpones its Carpool Karaoke spinoff until later this year

“Carpool Karaoke”, Apple’s first original series based on the popular segment of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, has been officially delayed until later this year, Reuters was able to confirm Tuesday. The show was supposed to make its debut on Apple Music this month and Apple has even created a star-laden trailer for it ahead of launch.

According to Reuters’ sources, a premiere party for the series was originally scheduled for March in Los Angeles, but got postponed without explanation days before it was to take place.... Read the rest of this post here

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