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iMore’s favorite fitness accessories

When the iMore team wants to exercise, these are the go-to gadgets they love to help get them in shape.

When it comes to fitness, the digital age has really made a difference. Whether it's an app that pushes you to get off the couch, a water bottle that reminds you when to drink, or a set of headphones that act as your personal trainer, you can really get into shape with the help of your technology. We sat down to talk about the different ways tech and gadgets have helped us get into, or stay in shape.

Serenity Caldwell: Twelve South's ActionSleeve Armband

Sure, everyone loves their Apple Watch bands, but wrist-worn heart sensors aren't always the best solution when working out. (The TL;DR: When you bend your wrist, the watch's sensors can be less accurate due to the way they measure your heartbeat.) If you're lifting, planking, or worried about hitting your watch against your weights, it's worth considering Twelve South's ActionSleeve Armband: It lets you move your watch casing into an armband, where your watch can more accurately measure your heart rate when performing HIIT activities or weight training.

I've used the $29.99 ActionSleeve on multiple occasions, including playing derby with it; while it takes a little experimentation to find the right fit for the neoprene sleeve — especially if you're performing an exercise that flexes your bicep — once you get the correct fit it's a fantastic protective way to wear your watch.

See at Twelve South

Lory Gil: Misfit Shine 2

The Shine 2 is a small disc-like device with 12 little LED lights on its face. Those 12 little lights let you know how you're progressing with your fitness goals for the day. They also act as a notification alert when you get a text message or a phone call, or just to give you a nudge if you've been sitting down for too long. The Shine 2 tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep cycles.

It's also very subtle. It's a simple disc that comes in a variety of colors. You can wear it with the included fitness band, or you could invest in an attractive jewelry accessory that it snaps right into. Misfit even worked with Swarovski on specially designed luxury accessories that fit the Shine 2 perfectly. If you really want to keep it hidden, you could just stick it in your pocket. It's only slightly larger than the size of a U.S. quarter.

The Misfit Shine 2 comes in a variety of disc colors with complimentary fitness bands. It costs around $79.99.

See at Amazon

Luke Filipowicz: Withings Body Scale

I have been on a weight loss journey since the beginning of 2017 and I'm proud to say it's going well. I'm down a full 20 pounds, but now I seemed to have reached a plateau. In the beginning, I lost a pound almost every week, but now it's getting much harder to see progress; that's where the Withings Body Scale comes in to play!

I owe the discovery of the Withings Body Scale to Modern Dad and I couldn't believe I never thought of using a smart scale before. The ability to weigh myself as much or as little as I want and see the progress over a long period of time is exactly what I need to stay motivated. No more stepping on the scale and being disappointed that I only lost a minuscule amount of weight since my last weigh in, and no more worrying about the times I go up a pound or two. All the information syncs to the Withings app instantly and I don't have to think about manually uploading information or hand charting it out myself.

It's nice to know that everyone the house can use it as well. The Withings Body Scale can support multiple users, and once you set up the users in the app, the scale will automatically know who everybody is when they weigh in.

See at Amazon

Daniel Bader: Nomad Sport Strap

This is going to be boring, but hear me out: Nomad's new Apple Watch Sport Strap is amazing. It's robust and durable, attractive and extremely comfortable, and the best part is that the company made its own lugs so you don't have to deal with the weird hybrid look that most sports bands force you to live with when they use Apple's own lugs. Like Apple's own rubber sports bands, this one latches securely using the "Newson" method, and I can't tell you how many walks, runs, and games of dodgeball I've played with the Sport Strap staying snug.

See at Nomad

Mikah Sargent: Misfit Ray

An activity tracker needs to meet a few requirements if it's going to be good at its job: It needs to look good (or, alternatively, be inoffensive or understated), it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be something you can wear for long periods of time. The Misfit Ray checks all these boxes.

The understated aluminum activity tracker is incredibly versatile and good-looking. Oh, and its replaceable batteries last up to four months. Four. Months. A truly excellent activity tracker needs to be able to track you at all times (or as close to it as possible), and the Ray can do this. It's small and light enough that you can keep it on all day, every day — heck, it's even swim-proof. Save for replacing the batteries once every four months, the Ray can keep tabs on your stats always.

For $49.99 you can track your steps, distance traveled, calories, sleep, and activities. The Bluetooth-connected Ray also includes piezoelectric vibration that you can set to buzz you for alarms and notifications. Thanks to its capacitive touch surface, it can also be configured as a "smart button" that'll let you trigger your camera's shutter button, control music, advance slides in a presentation, and more. The Ray is feature-packed, long lasting, and understated. It makes for a great activity-tracking experience.

See at Amazon

Joe Keller: Apple Watch Sport Band

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best for your needs. I don't exercise nearly as much as I should, but when I do, my preferred activity is jogging. Don't use any of the in-depth fitness apps, either. I start an open-ended run in the Apple Watch Workout app and just start going until I can't anymore.

That's why I picked the Apple Watch Sport Band. If there's something I think that Apple really just knocked right out of the park with the first version of the watch, it's the design of this band. It's comfortable when exercising, easy to use, and it isn't irritating when you're exercising with it for a long time. Importantly, I often find that other bands have a little give unless I wear them too tight, making them less than ideal for exercise. Conversely, the Sport Band keeps the Apple Watch firmly in place without any discomfort.

See at Apple

Cella Lao Rousseau: iPhone 7 Plus

I'll be honest, I just recently started going to the gym regularly, so I'm slowly learning from my gym and trainer pals what fitness tech is worth checking out. On my own, though, I've discovered that the iPhone 7 Plus is a pretty fantastic tool to use while working on yo' fitness!

For one, the iPhone's water-resistant capabilities make me feel secure that I won't accidentally murder my phone with sweat. Also, the music I play through my Apple Music subscription with my iPhone 7 Plus keeps me pumped up and ready to go at all times — shoutout to Kayla Itsines for her Intense Sweat workout playlist!

Additionally, the health app helps me monitor my physical activity progress day-to-day as I make small changes in my life like parking further away from the entrance of the mall, walking to the grocery store instead of driving, and the like.

I'm not looking to be a body builder or anything — I just want a butt like Nicki Minaj, is that too much to ask for?! — so the iPhone's apps and features are perfect for me as I dip my toe into the fitness world!

Mike Tanasychuk: Nothing... no, really!

Call me a Luddite, but I don't believe in fitness accessories beyond those that help keep your devices in place. I feel like fitness trackers and other connected devices make people focus on the metrics rather than simply listening to their own bodies. Sometimes, true progress can get lost in the numbers. Or, even worse, a culture of "good enough" is bred because you're hitting daily goals, and once you nail that mark, it's "time to stop" when you might have more in you.

While many people use fitness trackers for motivation, I believe they're also slowing many others down and preventing them from truly pushing themselves.

So get into the gym or onto the track, pop in your pump-up music if that's what revs your engine, and push until you can't push anymore — don't let a piece of rubber with Bluetooth tell you differently.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite fitness accessory that you think could help us shed unwanted pounds? Put them in the comments and maybe we'll try them out.

Apple Will Donate A Portion Of Sales From Pride Edition Apple Watch Band To Advocacy Groups

Apple has just announced that a portion of sales from the special Pride Edition Apple Watch band will support LGBT advocacy groups.

Apple released the Pride Edition Apple Watch band earlier this month and has now decided to donate a portion of the Watch band’s sales to support the LGBT movement. This band is made up of 500 threads woven together to form a rainbow pattern which symbolizes the official LGBT movement.

“Apple is proud to support LGBTQ advocacy organizations working to bring about positive change, including GLSEN, PFLAG and The Trevor Project in the U.S. and ILGA internationally. A portion of the proceeds from Pride Edition band sales will benefit their important efforts,” the company said on its website.

Apple has been supporting LGBT rights for years, the company’s CEO Tim Cook had announced he was gay back in 2014, and has participated in last year’s San Francisco Pride Parade, and has openly spoken out on issues related to the LGBT movement.

If you’re interested in purchasing this Apple Watch band for $49, you can head over to Apple’s website.

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Impressive New Custom Sport Bands Colors For Apple Watch

Apple’s new custom high-performance fluoroelastomer sport bands are durable, strong, and quite soft and comfortable on the wrist.

The new Apple Watch custom high-performance sport bands comes in 17 wonderful colors, most are smooth pastel colors with a few added vibrant bold colors to mix and match things up a bit. Apple added three new pastel colors which are: Mist blue – a pretty pastel blue, Pollen which is a soft cool yellow, and Flamingo – a smooth cool pink.

Other colors include Pink sand – a cool violet color, Midnight blue, which is a deep rich navy color, Ocean blue, which is a deep blue, Yellow, which is a beautiful bright yellow, and of course Product Red, which is the color Apple uses to contribute to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs.

The sport bands come in two band sizes, which are – S/M, and M/L length, this band size fits 130 through 200mm wrist. The case sizes are 38mm, and 42mm in size. The Watch band material is made from Polymer, a high performance fluroelastomer material. The material is smooth and dense as it drapes across the wrist with the innovative pin-and-tuck closure, which allows a clean fit. The cost for each custom sport band is $49 each. To order visit

Photo Credit: Apple

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Apple Watch Bands FAQ: Everything you need to know!

You can now get the Pride Edition woven nylon Watch band from Apple's online retail store!

Updated June 2017: Added all the new bands Apple added after WWDC.

Every Spring and Fall (and sometimes early summer!), Apple releases new watch bands for the Apple Watch. Watch band collectors like myself and Rene get pretty excited whenever Apple gives us more colors. Plus, retired colors become collectors items. Here's everything you need to know about bands available for your Apple Watch!

What's new with Apple Watch bands?

Apple updated its online retail store to include the Pride Edition woven nylon Watch band, and it looks just as beautiful as it did on the wrists of marchers at the Pride Parade in 2016. There are also a few new Sport bands, woven nylon, and leather bands, and Apple retired a couple of the older colors (RIP Azure).

What's so exciting about new bands?

SO SKEPTICAL. In all seriousness, though, they're a fun way to spruce up your watch-wearing experience, and a weird (but fun) collection item. Apple tends to release new collections every Fall and Spring, coinciding with the fashion industry's own collection releases, and new bands tend to adopt similar color schemes from the industry's lineup.

Tell me about the Nike Sport bands! It's true I can get them without buying a Sport watch now?

Yup! The Nike Sport bands are now available for any Apple Watch-wearer if you have $49 and a hankering for them. You can get them for either the 38mm or 42mm sizes. Apple recently added a lot of new colors to the lineup.

  • Light Violet/White
  • Violet Dust/Plum Fog
  • Blue Orbit/Gamma Blue
  • Obsidian/Black
  • Anthracite/Black,
  • Pure Platinum/White, or
  • Volt/Black

Interesting to note: If you're buying a new Nike Sport Watch and band combo, you can now only get the Anthracite/Black or Pure Platinum/White band options paired with the watch — the Volt/Black option (AKA the neon green look) is now only available for standalone purchase.

Why would I want the Nike Sport band?

It depends on your preference, of course, but the Nike Sport band is superior to Apple's traditional Sport band for runners and other heavy exercisers thanks to its perforated fluoroelastomer design. The perforations help air your wrist out in a way the traditional Sport band can't, giving you a lighter and more breathable wear.

What about the regular Sport band? Any new colors there?

Three, in fact! You can now get the Sport band in Mist Blue (a very pale blue), Pollen (a deep yellow), and Flamingo (a catchy pink). Along with these entries, a number of older Sport bands have been retired; the current collection now looks as follows:

  • Mist Blue
  • Pollen
  • Flamingo
  • White
  • Pink Sand
  • Midnight Blue
  • Black
  • Product Red

There are new Woven Nylon bands, too?

Yes, and they're fun as fun can be: The new Woven Nylon models are largely tri-tone striped bands, and should look fantastic on the wrist. They include:

  • Orange Woven Nylon (dark blue/orange/light blue triblend)
  • Berry Woven Nylon (red/maroon/pink triblend)
  • Red Woven Nylon (sand/red/yellow triblend)
  • Pollen Woven Nylon (blue/lime/turquoise triblend)
  • Tahoe Blue (jean/sky blue/dark blue triblend)
  • Midnight Blue (dark blue single blend)
  • Pride Edition (rainbow)

The only existing woven nylon bands that still remain from the original collection are the Pearl and Black bands

What about the Classic Buckle?

Apple retired a couple of colors and added a couple new ones.

  • Sunflower Classic Buckle
  • Saddle Brown Classic Buckle
  • Taupe Classic Buckle
  • Red Classic Buckle
  • Midnight Blue Classic Buckle
  • Black Classic Buckle

The old colors and Classic Buckle design have been officially retired; if you have a curved rectangular Classic Buckle, congratulations — you now have a relic of the past.

Anything new for the other leather bands?

Like the other band collections, the other leather bands have had their options dramatically reduced: You can now only get the 42mm-only Leather Loop in Smoke Gray and Midnight Blue, while the 38mm Modern Buckle has been reduced to Midnight Blue.

What about the Hermès bands?

Apple didn't add any new colors to the Hermès lineup, but it did get rid of a few of the OG colors. Here's what's available right now.

  • Fauve Barenia Leather Double Tour (38mm only)
  • Bleu Zéphyr Epsom Leather Double Tour (38mm only)
  • Lime Epsom Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Colvert Swift Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Fauve Barenia Leather Double Buckle Cuff (38mm only)
  • Etoupe Swift Leather Double Tour (38mm only)
  • Rose Jaipur Epsom Leather Double Tour (38mm only)
  • Feu Epsom Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Etoupe Swift Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Etoupe Swift Leather Double Buckle Cuff (38mm only)
  • Rose Jaipur Epsom Leather Double Buckle Cuff (38mm only)

Anything new for the stainless steel bands?

Nope. You can still pick up the Milanese Loop and the Link Bracelet in Silver and Space Black, but there are no new colors or styles there.

Any new hardware casings for Apple Watch?

Not this time around. If you want to buy a new Apple Watch, you have the following options:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Space Grey
  • Rose Gold
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic

Apple has also dramatically reduced its paired watch-and-band collection: When you buy a new Apple Watch, you can only get it with a few specific band choices:

  • Silver Sport with White Sport Band
  • Space Grey Sport with Black Sport Band
  • Rose Gold Sport with Pink Sand Sport Band
  • Gold Sport with Midnight Blue Sport Band
  • Silver Nike Sport with Pure Platinum/White Nike Sport Band
  • Space Grey Nike Sport with Anthracite/Black Nike Sport Band
  • Space Black Stainless Steel with Black Sport Band
  • Stainless Steel with White Sport Band
  • Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop
  • Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Milanese Loop
  • Stainless Steel with Fauve Barenia Leather Double Tour (38mm only)
  • Stainless Steel with Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Stainless Steel with Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle (42mm only)
  • Stainless Steel with Fauve Barenia Leather Double Buckle Cuff (New for 2017, 38mm only)
  • Stainless Steel with Feu Epsom Leather Single Tour (42mm only)
  • Stainless Steel with Etoupe Swift Leather Double Tour (38mm only)

How can I preview how these bands will look?

If you can't get down to an Apple Store to see the bands in person, you can visit Apple's interactive watch gallery, which lets you preview cases and faces with the entire band collection.

Will the new bands fit both Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches?

Absolutely! Every Apple Watch and band has the same clasp and connection design. Fun fact: The 38mm bands will fit a 42mm Apple Watch (and vice versa), but they won't look particularly great if you do so.

What do I do if I really want a band Apple doesn't make anymore?

Right now, your best bet is to check Ebay or Etsy. You can also check out Amazon's many knockoff bands — they're not directly from Apple, but they still look great.


Other questions about the new Apple Watch bands? Let us know below!

Check Out TOMS Apple Watch Bands In 38mm And 42mm

For those who happen to be a huge fan of the popular shoe brand TOMS, you might also like the company’s Apple Watch bands made of a strong grosgrain fabric and leather detailing. The bands also feature stainless steel lugs and buckles.

TOMS has two collections for the Apple Watch, Utility and Artisan. The Utility collection comes in the colors Light Blue Stripe, Black, and Olive for the 42mm Apple Watch models and Light Blue Stripe, Clay and Dusty Pink for the 38mm Apple Watch models. All the Utility Bands have a retail value of $49.

The Artisan band has a full leather backing on the band and comes in the colors Red Diamond, and Black Diamond for the 42mm Apple Watch models and Royal Blue Diamond, and Black Diamond for the 38mm Apple Watch models. The Artisan bands are pricier than the Utility bands due to the leather backing, these bands have a price tag of $79.

For those who purchase a TOMS Apple Watch band, TOMS will provide one year of solar light to families in need. If you’re interested in one of these bands you can head over to TOMS’ official website.

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