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Donald ‘I’m smart for not paying taxes’ Trump accuses Amazon of skirting taxes

donald trump amazon

Amazon is the largest web-based retailer on the planet, raking in billions of dollars every year and employing over 340,000 workers. When you're that big — and the president of the United States likes to go on early-morning Twitter rants before his handlers can distract him — there's a good chance you're going to be mentioned once or twice. That's what happened this morning, as Donald Trump slammed Amazon for what he perceives as damage to the US job market. 

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Experience Quality Sound On Your Apple Device With APIE’s New Earbuds

APIE’s new earbuds are the perfect noise cancelling headphones for listening to music, since they provide excellent sound, strong bass and are known to have one of the best frequency responses compared to any other earbuds on the market.

These earbuds were specially crafted with real wood with a curve right on the earbud, that’s comfortable yet protective when listening to music; to prevent any kind of damages when you put them in. They also were made with a built-in microphone and a one button remote right on the cord, so you can take or make phone calls hands free, as well as use the remote to end a call, pause a song, play a song or go onto the next track.

Here are some of the key features the earbuds come with:

  • Built with natural wood with neodymium magnets for a stylish look
  • Comes with high-fidelity sound with strong deep bass
  • Includes 7 different comfortable eartips to match your specific ear shape
  • Has a built-in microphone for controlling your music or taking calls
  • Comes with a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack for audio connection to your device
  • Features perfect noise cancellation and distortion-free volume for whenever you’re listening to music

The APIE earbuds are currently available at for just $16.99, for all Apple devices including any iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac in a color choice of ebony or rosewood. For more information about these particular earbuds, you can always click on the links for more details.

Source: ZDNet, Amazon

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Amazon Instant Pickup delivers products in minutes, but only if you’re a thirsty student

Amazon Instant Pickup

Amazon Instant Pickup is a new service meant to reduce delivery times to just minutes after placing an order online. These will be brick-and-mortar locations where Amazon buyers will be able to pick up their purchases almost immediately. The huge catch is that we’re not looking at an impressive new Amazon Prime feature. Instead, this is basically Amazon’s version of the local vending machine.

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Amazon’s Instant Pickup has your items ready in just minutes

(credit: Getty Images)

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you get orders pretty quickly. Some areas offer one-hour delivery, and some Amazon Fresh customers can get groceries even quicker. Now Amazon wants to shorten your wait time even more with Amazon Instant Pickup locations, which are localized spaces where you can pick up "daily essentials" within minutes of ordering them on Amazon's website.

In essence, Instant Pickup locations are convenience stores that don't have aisles—and barely have employees. Prime and Prime Student members can order items from Amazon Instant Pickup on their mobile devices, choosing from products including drinks, snacks, phone chargers, personal care items, and more. It wouldn't be an Amazon service without integration of Amazon's products, so members can also order Echo speakers, Fire TVs, and Fire and Kindle devices on Instant Pickup. Once the order is placed, employees at the nearest Instant Pickup location gather the items and place them in a self-service locker. Members can then go to that locker, open it with a personalized bar code, and retrieve their items within minutes of placing the order.

While customers presumably won't interact with the Amazon employees at pickup locations, they still require people to gather and place orders into lockers. According to a report from Reuters, Amazon considered fully automating Instant Pickup locations but didn't go through with it for the launch. Currently there are five Instant Pickup spots in cities across the US: Los Angeles; Atlanta; Berkeley, Calif.; Columbus, Ohio; and College Park, Md. Amazon hopes to open more Instant Pickup locations in the future.

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Amazon Debuts ‘Instant Pickup’ for Ordering and Picking Up Items in Under Two Minutes

In its ongoing push into retail, Amazon today announced the opening of five "Instant Pickup" locations in the United States, allowing Prime subscribers to choose from a selection of "daily essentials" that are made available for pick up in two minutes or less (via Reuters). The essential items include snacks, drinks, electronics, and Amazon's own devices.

The Instant Pickup process begins with Prime and Prime Student users visiting Amazon's iOS or Android app to browse through hundreds of essential and daily care items. Users can then place an order, decide on an Instant Pickup location, and then go to the retail store to pick it up from a self-service locker.

On the employee side of things, when users place an order someone at the Instant Pickup store gathers the items in a back room, and then places them within one of the numbered lockers. After customers place their order, they're given the number to the locker and a barcode to access its contents at the Instant Pickup store.
“Instant Pickup is another way Amazon is making life more convenient for Prime members,” said Ripley MacDonald, Director, Student Programs, Amazon. “As shopping behaviors continue to evolve, customers consistently tell us that they want items even faster. Whether it’s a snack on-the-go, replacing a lost phone charger in the middle of a hectic day or adding Alexa to your life with an Echo, Instant Pickup saves Prime members time. While Instant Pickup is available at select pickup locations today, we’re excited about bringing this experience to more customers soon.”
Amazon is launching Instant Pickup as an expansion to five of its established pickup locations in Los Angeles; Atlanta; Berkeley, California; Columbus, Ohio; and College Park, Maryland. More pickup shops will be getting Instant Pickup in the coming months.

For those near one of the locations who want to try out Instant Pickup, Amazon advises users to update their Amazon iOS app to version 9.15 [Direct Link], and then look for Instant Pickup in "Programs and Features." The new service is a free addition to any Prime or Prime Student membership.

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