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Sorry, Siri, but it looks like your days may be numbered. Apple's virtual personal assistant software started a revolution and every one of Apple's rivals now offers a voice-controlled AI product of some sort. Interestingly, we've seen something of a role reversal in this important space. Apple typically waits until it comes as close as possible to perfecting a new technology, and then launches it after other companies have already dipped their toes. There are plenty of exceptions, but that's generally Apple's M.O. With Siri, Apple was first out of the gate, having launched the product in beta back in 2011. Countless users would argue that Siri is still in beta, however, because they constantly encounter problems while trying to use it.

If you count yourself among the iOS users who can't stand Siri, you're in luck: Google Assistant has officially arrived on the iPhone, and is available right now as a free download.

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